Sunrise at the Ghats

The sun rises every day but I don’t wake up early to see the sunrise. So, I and Kevin were there at Dashashwamedh Ghat to see the beauty.
After eating Malliyo, we were standing at the riverside watching the sky turning orange-red slowly. There were people taking holy baths in the Ganges,
doing their jobs and priests carry out rituals. We stood there on a pedestal and watched the boats cutting through the water in front of us. There were flocks of birds flying above theĀ boats, sitting again. Looked like some people were feeding them. There was a hue in the sky, steadily a sharp red arc showed above the horizon. Sun, you are 10 minutes late(6:52), no attendance for today.

With the sun revealing itself, people started taking pictures. Include me and Kevin too. The sun was there like a red dot far away. The sunlight was reflecting in the rippling Ganges water. Boats swayed across and birds flew from sides with them. The Siberian birds migrate every winter to the Ganges and leave after February. So, that’s another reason to watch a sunrise at the Ghats. A serene scene for the eyes. I was not feeling tired anymore, everything was so refreshful and warm. The colors are bright on a morning like this.

“Let’s go boating, we will see the birds up and close” I said looking at the boats in front of us.
“No, It may be costly” Kevin refused. I could see his face, it said something else.
“Don’t makeup, you are afraid” I smiled at him.
“No, You go, I will stand here at the ghat” he said blankly.
“Then, why are you here? I will not go alone. If you want we will. Or we will stand here only.” I said what I felt.
“What’s up with you?”
We both half-laughed.
After half an hour or so, the sun had done its job. We came back to the hostel.

Yesterday morning, the weather took a sudden turn. It was a foggy morning after a month of sunshine. It was unexpectedly cold too. And I loved it. I wanted to go on the ghats on such a winter morning. Perhaps this Saturday.


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