The Night Before

‘Again, Jackfruit? They are serving jackfruits thrice in a week, even when it’s season is not yet on? Are they last year’s remainder?’ I questioned myself while eating lunch in the hostel mess. I loved Jackfruits when mom cooked at home.
‘Okay, Jackfruit is my favorite. No Problem.’ I thought.

In the classroom, my stomach told me ‘I am upset’. I had a stomachache. Okay, it went away after a while.

As it got darker, I started feeling a little uneasy. It was like a low-grade fever. A slight headache and elevation in body temperature. And I know these gut feelings, the fever tends to spike in the night time. That’s Science- Body temperature rises naturally in the evening, so a fever that was light during the day can easily spike during sleep. (Due to  hypothalamus gland, let’s not get into biology :P).
I never sleep before 12 or 1, neither I did yesterday. It was 00:12 A.M and I went to the bed.

“Jordan, Please fill up the water bottle.” I said from my blanket. I didn’t know the time. He got me water, I took a Paracetamol and slept again.


Again, I didn’t know the time but it was perhaps the twilight before dawn. I jumped out of my bed and turned on the so-called zero watt orange bulb. Things were blurry and sleepy. I felt like throwing up, ran to the washroom. Stood there for some minutes, nothing happened. Came back to the room. I was lying awake in my bed thinking ‘It’s 6 A.M, I have two hours, Should I bath today?’
But I fell sleeping thinking about going to class after taking a bath which is very rare.
At, 8:03, Connor and Kevin came and “Won’t you attend the class?”
I jumped out of my bed, wore my jeans, washed my face and left.
I didn’t take bath yesterday and I didn’t want another day like that. Finally, the shower happened at 3 in the afternoon.

In the noon, I went to the health centre with Kevin. Coincidently, Kevin is also suffering from common cold.

Right now, I am feeling cold and feeling slightly pyrexias. I have to take my medicines. And I hate medicines. And Carlos and Walter are still making lame jokes and I am too taking part. 😛


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