New Favorite

Yesterday morning, I woke up. Hairs rough and dry. The bedsheet was half on the bed, half touching the floor. I kept tossing and turning in the bed, my head was swirling due to the fever.

The light fever continued all the day. Not with that intensity, though. It was Saturday, the mess was off too. People were planning to go out. I was in no position/mood to go out to a restaurant. Riko, Kevin and Gio were going to the Theatre club’s party hosted by the club’s seniors. The party for the performance they did back in August. I would have been gone to the party too if I was there on the day of performance. I was in the team. I practiced all the scenes too, in fact, for my part, I myself wrote the dialogues. We practiced for around 17 days. But a day before the contest, I left for Chandrapur, Maharashtra. For some reason, I had to go. I came back after a week. The week was a memorable one. I visited Maharashtra, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot etc and came back to Varanasi.
So, I don’t think I should have gone to the party yesterday. So, I chose not to turn up.

At 8:30 P.M, Pedd, Nian, Carlos, Jordan and I were eating paranthas in Ramanujan. Ramanujan (2 Yearites’ hostel) is the best place to eat on Saturdays if you are not going out. It was crowded. After 10 long minutes, we got served. We were almost finished, gradually my fever was rising. I stood up “I am going”, Paid, came back to my room and got into my blanket. I was feeling cold.

“Should I get you another blanket?” Connor asked.
It was cozy after the second blanket on the first.

Today I was not in a mood to have lunch, so I just drank some orange juice (with salt, it’s not that yummy without salt :P) at the shop outside the hostel. It was tasty, I must say. Really tasty. I will now drink it every weekend. 😋😋 Maybe weekdays too.
Oliver also tasted it for the first time and liked it. Oliver is a guy from electrical, he is with me in the  Pixelate team. Pixelate is an autonomous robot making competition in Technex which is going to happen on  February 24-25-26. Pixelate has its own story.
He told me about the Masala Patties of SC De Hostel. He is in the room right now and “Come on, let’s go, try it once, man.” I think I should go.


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