It’s the autonomous bot making competition and it has taken over the life. We have to make a bot which can move freely and grab thermocol blocks.
The bot has to be autonomous that means we have to code it in a way that it automatically moves to the designated location. The code is written in MATLAB.

And I never learned MATLAB before this. Every team is assigned a mentor (2 Year student) to help them. Our mentor is less willing to help and says “Fight with the problem, that’s how you learn.” And we don’t know how to write the code.
I was spending more than four hours in one go, typing code, searching google, watching videos, all about MATLAB. After much struggle, we have only 60% code. I am fed up. Really. Can’t learn all that myself, there is not much available on the internet about Matlab codes. I am done researching. There was time, I used to code on MATLAB all day long. Now, I can’t I have other things to do, other contests for Technex. I am participating in RC Plane, Quadcopter etc too. I have to study for the CTs also. Since Sunday, I had given up trying MATLAB.
Then today, the mentor called us to his hostel. The team members are Walter, Oliver, Aidra, Verena and Me.
Let me tell you one thing, MATLAB coding is a very exhaustive task and the whole task is difficult. Many teams have already given up. We are on the verge. We can’t implement Djikstra’s Algorithm despite trying for hours. I was taking a shower yesterday, at 3:30 when Walter went to the Mentor’s room. I went there at 4 and saw the Mentor’s roommate explaining something to Walter. I sat beside him and tried to get what was going on.
At 5:30, they left for their class and told us what we had to do.We couldn’t write the code in one hour.
—At 6:15 P.M
“I am going, I have to sleep” Walter said.
“Then I am leaving too, Why will I stay here to hear his insults?” I laughed.
“Let’s leave.”
“It will be awkward if we left in his absence.”I continued “But we are unable to do anything else.”

“Verena is in the common room, go, work there.” the mentor said when he came back.
The common room was being set up for the pre-event of Pixelate.Qualifying round is to be held on 8, 9 and 10 February in the common room. Verena was sitting with a girl. She was a senior and mentor of a girl team. Five girls asking her every now and then. She explained Verena the work, Verena, to us and we started writing code. Walter was unable to understand a thing and left the place. We were writing the code, in between, there was any problem we asked the mentor(girl). Our mentor said jokingly “Ask her, She knows better” whenever we asked him for help. Then he roamed in the hall idly. We knew it was the truth and laughed.

We left the hostel at 9, I was really tired, wanted to run but couldn’t. When we were leaving, the mentor said “Your mentor has been changed. I assigned Stella as your mentor”
And it was true. He left the Whatsapp group today morning and Stella joined. !!

CTs are hovering over and I need to study. I need to shower too.



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