Tide+Lemon and Chandan

“I have to wash the clothes I have soaked in the bucket” I tried not to shout.
“Please, man, you can wash them tomorrow, please” Walter with a face.
It was the day before yesterday. I had to wash some clothes. and he wanted me to come for the Pixelate work.It was 4:30 P.M. I went to Ramanujan’s common room. Walter, Oliver, Aidra and Verena, everybody was there. Walter and Oliver were working on the bot.
We started on MATLAB. Verena had written some MATLAB codes with the help of Stella. We had to transfer the codes to Gizmo but her USB ports were not working. We tried LAN cable and Bluetooth, didn’t work out.

I came back at 9 P.M. And no normal human being wants to wash clothes after dinner when he is comfortably in his bed.

Yesterday, I woke up early and had lunch ;). After lunch, I was in the room when I came to know that I have to go to Ramanujan common room for you know what. I didn’t want to go, I had work to do. I had to wash the clothes, bath and study for CTs. Walter and Oliver had an extra class from 3 to 4. It was 2:30 and Verena was constantly calling. Okay, I was 10 minutes late.

“I will go at 4.” I said when we were sitting in front of her laptop in the common room.
We asked for help from a senior and he told us what to do “Calculate distance and angle, then run Dijkstra’s”.
And when the code was complete it was 6 P.M. I was going nowhere. Meanwhile, Aidra came there, she skipped her dance practice. And I skipped washing my clothes.

Verena was typing the code. Aidra and I were talking nonsense and laughing despite Verena trying to stop. A while later, she too joined and the senior was typing the code. 😛

“I have to go, let me go, you stay back, I will be back after I’m done” I said this one more time.
“Please, we all will be leaving at 8, it’s 7:15 right now.” Verena convinced.
At 8, the seniors themselves said “Pack your wires, bot etc. We will meet after the CTs now.” After hearing this, someone inside me smiled, perhaps outside too.

“Only 20 minutes. Meet at the auto stand at 8:20.” Verena said while we were walking back from the hostel.

I called Walter for his whereabouts as he was not found in the hostel. He was at Satkar with some of his batchmates for a party.
It was 8:30, Oliver was ready and standing at my door.
“Man, I can’t get ready so fast. I never did.” I was tieing my shoe laces.
We reached the auto stand at 8:40. They were already there. I wonder how come girls can get ready before me? O_o

We reached the place at 9. And the girls had already told a fifty-odd times that they have to get back to the hostel before 10. The counter boy at Dominoes asked us to wait 20 minutes. We sat there for the time and we talked about anything off the top of the head before the pizzas arrived at the table. I have ordered a choco pizza, thanks to Oliver, he persuaded me. We had never tried it. It was tasty but a little too sweet, I felt like I was eating post-Diwali sweets. So, I shared it with Aidra. She said she love sweets. The intellectual conversation went about Walter’s English, pizzas, floor tiles which were white, marbles, college, Oliver’s less speaking, what you used to think before you knew me and anything else left.

Ten minutes left before it strikes 10. We were out of the mall. There was no auto, and we don’t know when we started walking back towards Lanka. Aidra said, “Verena and Dylan know high-class lame jokes.” I accept this.
“Let me tell you one too” Oliver said.
“There was an old man, who was so old that he died in his childhood.” he said and even he didn’t laugh.
A young boy jumped off a building in Australia when he tried this joke.
After some minutes, we were on the road “We can’t walk back to the college, it will be late. It’s already 10” Aidra said. And luckily, an auto came just after that.

We got off at HG. It was 10:20 P.M. It was fun. We bid them goodbye and came back to our hostel.
When I got into my bed and was just thinking about what to do next, it struck me. I have to wash clothes. The clothes which I soaked yesterday in the detergent.
‘I will get cold if I washed them now. A wise man will never wash clothes at midnight’ I proved my point to myself and went into my blanket. 😛

It’s 10:50 A.M, Sunday. I hope clothes would not have dissolved. They are there since Friday. I think they are enjoying their stay in the Tide+ detergent water which also has the fragrance of Lemon and Chandan (Sandalwood). 🙂


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