Some Fun after a pause

It’s been a week since you were here reading a post. There were Class Tests going on and I wasn’t able to write. So, a lot happened in the week. Study, my surprise GPL, Kevin’s GPL and most awaited Connor’s. Let’s catch up.Today is 19th of February, 3:43 A.M and it’s Connor’s birthday.  I made a digital invitation for his GPL as he is the CR of our class.

At 11:47 P.M, he was not in the room, he fled. We were standing in front of his room when we saw him running on the ground floor. We were ten people, ran down the stairs. I went towards the hostel gate and asked the watchman. There was nobody who had fled the hostel. He was somewhere hiding in the hostel itself. We divided and started in different rooms. After some five or six minutes, he was found sitting in a batchmate’s room.

He was held in the air and smacked with slippers and shoes from all sides. He was screaming in pain, high pitched sounds. But nobody paid any attention and continued. After some moments, it all stopped. It was 11:59.
“Hey, it’s not 12 yet, GPL is due.” Some voice said.
“Aah!Please!Stop!” he shouted again a few more times.

After all this, we came back to his room. In front of his room, people started again. Third time GPL. Before this, I never hit anyone, now I’m done with my GPL, so… 😛
After a while, he was sitting on the ground, eyes closed.

He cut the cake and we all made him eat it first but with her cheeks and hair. Riko even lifted his T-shirt and coated his abdomen with cream. More shoutings, group photos and selfies followed. Speakers were set and everybody shook their body on the Bollywood dance numbers. An hour long session and we were dripping with sweat, fully exhausted.

I came to my room. I and Lay were sitting on the bed. Lay does not visit frequently, he is mostly in his room, lying on the bed with his laptop on him. He justs watches Naruto, codes and sleeps. He hails from Jaipur too. And he lives half a kilometer from my house and I have never seen him nor did he. That is surprising to both of us. We talked about how was our school life, days before college, funny antics, how he sat on the floor while being punished in school, how I used to come back home from school in recess etc. It was 3:14 till then.

Now, I am thinking to pull an all-nighter and visit ghats in the morning to boat which I missed last time. I am not sure, though. Let’s see what happens.


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