Technex: Day 1

Engineering colleges have fests- cultural and techno. Yesterday, 24th February was the first day of Technex. The annual techno-management fest of IIT BHU. It kickstarted at 9 A.M with most of the events starting at that time. All robotic events, aero-modelling events started at 9. Hurdlemania, Pixelate, Maze-explorer, Drone-Tech, Robowars to name a few.
But I woke up at 12:30, went straight to take bath and get dressed. There were missed calls from different people. Mom too. I called back Mom. It was also Mahashivaratri-the Lord shiva’s festival. I always hold a fast on this day. So, I did yesterday too. I drank some orange juice and left. I reached Swatantrata Bhawan and saw there were plenty of things going on. There was a large Groot( a character from guardians of the galaxy) made of paper sitting at the entrance. There were food stalls at the left of the gate. In the lawns, Robowars was going on with people standing around and watching the heavy robots trying to cut each other out of the game. And there was drone-tech, quadcopters were flying with their rotors making that sound of a little helicopter. Walking into the building, you will see a Wall-E robot sitting in front you. All these are made by the Fine Arts Club, thanks to them to make the fest look beautiful. They were also painting at LC since noon and they were painting it in the night too. The painting is still not ready. From the part till now, it is very lovely, I should say. I took the stairs to the first floor and entered the senate hall. The Senate hall is a parliament-type hall with mics on desks and rotating chairs. I, Carlos and Nian sat there. It was a guest lecture by Larsen Toubro Infotech under the Technex event Corporate Conclave. A video clip was played before the lecture. After one and half hour, I gained some knowledge sitting there, so it was a good choice to attend it. Technex T-shirts and Bags were also distributed but I did not get one as they were limited.
I was fasting and I wanted to visit the Vishwanath Temple but I knew in the morning it was impossible. So, I went at 5:30 P.M and a little surprised, there was a long queue of devotees standing from the gate to the road. The last person would reach the temple in more than an hour. I just went ahead, folded my hands and prayed. I came back to the hostel at 7 P.M.
Oliver called me and asked me to come to SB. There was the night show starting from 8 P.M but there was a problem. I didn’t register for the passes and without passes, none was allowed. I, Walter, Nian, Carlos and Oliver waited some time in front of the gate but no use. Then we disbanded, I and Oliver went to the left gate. There were some seniors standing. We thought of a plan. Let’s move in. Just move in. They were fours standing in a circle, I moved towards them and went straight, they moved aside and I was in. For one second I thought “I did it.” Then somebody tapped on my shoulder.
“Where’s your pass?”
“We don’t have one”
“Keep out, please”
We started requesting them. But they said entry would be allowed without passes if seats left empty. So we waited there for some more minutes. He was holding a Walkie Talkie in his hand. Some time later, there was a sound in the talkie “Allow IIT BHU students on ID card.” It was audible to everyone standing there. We just went in and sat.
After some wait, the day’s first show took off. Kunal Newar, the mentalist started amusing the audience with his tricks. He is a magician, he does mind reading, illusions and other tricks. Some of the acts were very good like the 10 Rupee note, Rope knot and the last bottle and glass one. The audience was continuously clapping and whistling. I personally liked the last one. The bottle and the glass exchanged places and bottles kept appearing from nowhere. The first day of Technex turned magical due to his presence.


Following this, there was Roadshow by Harley-Davidson, one of the main sponsors. The bikers did some cool burnouts at LC and the place was all smokes. The last event of Kaleidoscope was musical painting, a young artist started stroking the white paper in front of him with his brush. Music was being played and his hands moved to the beat. In just ten minutes he was done. The painting looked magnificent, he drew an abstract painting of Varanasi, Lord Shiva, Temples, Ganga, Boats all in one with red, blue and white lines crossing each other randomly. It was tough to draw and understand but likable.

So, this is how the Day 1 ended with some magic, bikes and painting.


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