Technex: Day 2

After an amazing overcharge of excitement and competition on Technex Day 1, I woke up into the next day. The round one of most competitions was held on 24th, and the next rounds were going to held. I went to Swatantrata Bhawan in the morning, there was a think talk by J.N Reddy. Think talks are awesome because of the interactive part of the event. After that, I went for Pixelate, my autonomous robot event. It was going on on the first floor of SB. The code was complete and Verena was debugging the code with the help of Stella. I reached there and made the connections of the robot.
After some hours, I came back to the hostel to have lunch. I bathe, ate lunch and again left for the events. It was around 2 P.M when I was in the SB Foyer. There were various stalls set up in that area, games, food, exhibitions etc. I played virtual golf for the first time. Golf for the first time and also a virtual game for the first time. 😛
There were goodies from ACC distributing for free. Then, there was a bowling bot in the exhibition which always bowled perfectly making all the skittles fell. And the home-made humanoid- Indro became model for everybody’s selfie. The next stall showcased  a 3-D printer with the explaining about its working.

I, Gio and Kevin were in Rajputana ground at 2:30. We watched the RC cars racing, hovercrafts gliding on land and water to collect the checkpoints. There were also informal games like Water zorbing, Go Karting etc and the good thing is that they were free. There was a stall by Pulse toffees, in hope of getting free toffees we went there. There was a game to play. I won and walked away with toffees in my pocket. Then we went for Water Zorbing. It looked fun from outside and it really was. We three were falling, trying to stand and again rolling in the big air ball. After some minutes, we were exhausted and came out. It was 3 P.M and we had to attend the Corporate Conclave event.

It was a lecture by CitiBank on ‘Technology in Banking’.It was Okay as it didn’t seemed that interesting to me.AFter one and half hour we came out.

In the evening there was a think talk by Vinod Dham, popularly known as ‘Pentium Engineer’ as he developed the Pentium processors of Intel. He was a tall man with specs. He looked like an engineer too. He told us about how Invention and Innovation is different and gave some invaluable advice on how to do what you do. The discussion was great, some good questions were put on and he answered them exactly. He told us about three things- Idea, theme and the desire to achieve something. And how you have to be patience when working in a Start-Up. He himself has worked in start-ups. The think talk taught a lot if you listened.

After the talk was over, I collected the passes for Neelesh Misra’s show. It is an occasion that the famous radio storyteller is going to perform live. I enetered SB at 8 and waited for the show to start. He told an emotional story about a boy who loved a girl more than anything else but he have to leave her. He came back later to find…He gripped the audience with his powerful story and the narrating skill. Then he lightened up the environment a little with the story about a Ladies Tailor. It was funny and we enjoyed it.
And honestly, I didn’t know that he write songs and sings so well, he performed some of his songs and they were awesome. He had wrote many hit songs like Jaadu hai Nasha Hai, Kya mujhe Pyar hai etc. Priyanka Bhattacharya also has a sweet voice and performed some songs.

He is doing great in what he is doing. We enjoyed the night, he made us enjoy. I came back and slept as I had to wake up early on the last day of Technex.
I didn’t want to miss anything. 🙂





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