Technex: Day 3

When a festival or vacation gets over, we tend to feel a little low. We all have experienced this feeling at least once. 26th February was the last day of Technex and I didn’t want to miss anything. So, I woke up early yesterday at 9:00 A.M, took a shower, had breakfast and left the hostel. Most of the dwellers here were sleeping at that time as usual. Kevin had asked me to wake him up as he too wanted to accompany.

I and Kevin went to Gymkhana as the Airshow was scheduled there from 10 o’clock. The main guests were Director, IIT BHU, and Ex-Director, Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU. The show started at 10:10 with remote control smoke emitter planes flying in circles. All the RC Planes are made by IIT BHU students. Then, different types of planes were showcased like Bomber-a miniature of WWII plane, diesel plane and a gasoline airplane. Racing drones and helicopters were also there. Some eye-catching stunts were performed by the tiny aircrafts like Harrier, vertical drop, inner loops and stall. The gasoline plane was the biggest one, the size of a man and a man performed 3-D aerobatics with it. It was awesome, jaws dropped. After an hour or so, we went to Swatantrata Bhawan (Auditorium) for a think talk. The talk was by Dilip Chhabria, the founder of DC Design. Most people identify him as the designer of Tarzan, the wonder car. He showed a presentation about his projects and also some upcoming cars that he is working on. He answered the questions asked by the audience lively. He told us how creativity cannot be forced, it comes from inside. What it feels like to build a start-up in 90s? He told it all.

After the talk was over, we headed to the Rajputana Grounds again to play the games. Bozo and Oliver accompanied us this time. We first tried the Go Kart racing. I had never driven a Kart before and it was awesome. Thrill. Then, we got into the giant water zorbing ball. Bozo and Oliver ran like a hamster and I was rolling, I couldn’t stand up even after trying hard. After some time, we walked back to SB and watched the Valedictory ceremony and award giving. Following that, the speaker announced ‘We will begin with the Sorabh Pant show shortly’.

People were laughing loudly and clapping alongside. We were amused with his jokes and the actions also. He moved his body in a really funny way, don’t forget the face cooperating with the moves. He was really fast and some people lost the track and were not laughing. The audience was requested not to record the show. And after the show, I knew why. 😉 He does not feel any shy or awkward in doing what he does. That’s cool. The one and half hour was full of laughs, claps, whistles and fun.


The crowd crawled towards ADV Ground after the show got over. The next scheduled event was the performance by TVF-Humorously yours cast and Shirley Setia. The host welcomed Vipul Goyal on the stage. He started off with some nice humor and cracked everybody standing there. He has a different style of humor, not to vigorous neither lame just smooth. Later, the cast of Humorously Yours joined in. They sat and had a good session. They made us laugh and answered questions about everything.

A group of people came up and set up their instruments. It looked like some band is going to perform. They started the drums and guitars, a familiar bollywood tune. Through the air, came running a girl with short hair, her fringes swinging as she hopped onto the stage. She started singing the song, a melodious voice matching perfectly with her tiny cute appearance. No need to tell that she was pretty. She sing in her own way which is good, one must admit. At times, she pointed the mic towards the concertgoers and asked them to sing along. Sometimes they did, sometimes they tried. She moved her head with the beats and body to the rhythm. And everytime she did this, the air held her hair aloft. A petite human dancing, looked more like a rabbit having fun. 😀 😛 Shirley Setia sang as charming as she does on the screen. We couldn’t hold our hands down, they were compelled to wave themselves with the music.


She left the place after making the night musically wonderful with her performance.
The crowd dispersed. We walked back to the hostel. I don’t know when I dozed off.

Woke up at 9:04 A.M today to reach the class at 9 o’clock.


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