Home Sweet Home V

Give me more than 4 days off from college and I will be at my home. Our holidays will begin from 11th March. But I’m home already. I reached Jaipur on the second day of this month. Today’s the sixth. To attend a wedding I came home early and it is not wise to go back when you have just 7 more days until March 11. One can but the sum of the hours traveled in train in all the three trips will be comparable to the time lived in the college hostel. 😐 It takes almost a day. One roundabout and one single= 24 x 3=72 hours out of the 168 hours. This is 42% of the total time. So, I chose to be here. 😉

The wedding was over. Yesterday, I was in my village. Which is the place I enjoy having fun after a long time. I woke up there at 8 A.M. We have to walk a kilometer to the well to take bath. I reached there. But the wind has other plans. Out of nowhere, an idea surfaced that ‘Let’s go to the top of the hill and take bath’ (There’s a hill close to the well, which is more like a personal hill :P). I can’t deny to such things. Without a blink, I smiled. There were seven of us, My cousins (some of them only meet on family functions). We reached the top in an hour, the hour was just talking while climbing and trying to find a perfect stone for every next step. Some of the regions were dangerous with tiny debris and slippery grass.
This was my second time on the hill, the first time, I did it by crawling on my four limbs. So, I was less frightened this time. No wrong step on a wobbly pebble is accepted. I learned this.
We live in a country where temples are everywhere, especially in high places. There is a Hanuman Temple on the top and a large water reservoir on purpose. The water was filled last night and it was freezing cold. The moment I pour it down, it was like ice rubbing on my face. And the wind, a day for a lazy kite to fly without effort. It was a flat plateau on the top. If we had a bat and a ball, a match would not be that bad. There were also some goats grazing there, they must have practiced for years. The view was great, blue tint over the horizon and other hills merging into each other. On the other side, sheep, shepherds, and wheat fields stood. It is enough high to be called a mountain as the famous Amber Fort was visible to my eyes.


This is what I am talking about.

Descending was again worries, my imagination showed me clips of people rolling down on the rocks (like it happens in the movies). An hour or so, we were on the safe ground.
I came back home in the evening, tired, my legs cramped. Yesterday my elder sister (Maternal cousin) gave birth to a baby angel. Today morning, we went to see her. I had never seen a newborn, that too in my lap. Her face was lovely and soft. Tiny little fingers, nails of the size of a nail’s head. She looked at me for a while, then she felt asleep. Good thing is that she doesn’t cry much, I haven’t heard her crying in that one and half hour. I like kids. 🙂

Now, I’m chilling in my room planning what to do next. Maybe Dragon Ball Episodes are waiting for me. 😀


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