Home Sweet Home VI

As I am already home, I am having fun. After the wedding, there was nothing particular to do. I just sat at home, watched anime, played games and slept.

Yesterday, 10 A.M
My uncle called and informed that we are going to visit paternal Aunt’s in-laws. Okay, I don’t have anything to do, it would be fun.
We left at around 12:15 in the noon. It was a long way. 35 KM. We reached the place in an hour. The in-laws(groom’s brothers and father etc greeted the elders) I just smiled and folded my hands. We sat in the drawing room. I was little out of place as there was nobody of my age, contrary to what I was hoping when we were on the way. I sat there looking at them sometimes, sometimes at my phone while they talked about things that were not much meaningful to a teenager. Then, they brought some sweets and namkeen. I found them good. 🙂 After a while, water. Yeah, it was needed. 10 Minutes later, Cold drinks were brought, green, perhaps it was mountain dew or sprite I don’t know. Cool. I drank it. Water is a necessity, Okay.Half an hour passed and plates of fruits were on the table.  I wasn’t in any mood to have some apples or grapes. But had to. I thought they take care of the guests nicely. Good, I am pretty much full. Then, I saw a tray of glasses filled with orange color liquid (maybe Mirinda) coming towards me. No, I can’t take that much. I politely denied. “C’mon, take one’ the server said. My uncle looked at me and smiles. I got hold of the glass and looked at the drink for some seconds “I can’t”. But I had to.
It was evening by then. Then, I came to know that we are here for dinner. For the first time. “No, There’s nothing more that I can eat.” I worried.
We were taken on the roof, there was a charpai (bed made out of weaved ropes). We sat there.

The plates were big, really bigger than the normal. They are called Thalis. They reminded me of the lunch at a hotel ‘The Grand Thakar’ in Gujrat last year.


The Grand Thakar, Rajkot.

That was an awesome experience, a must thing to do if you are in Rajkot. They had such king-size plates. “Nice” I thought. The, after a moment, there were Gulab Jamuns, rice, Dal and paranthas in the plate. I ate a little and denied to anything more. “Please, no, I’m done” And the father-in-law laughed and “Take one, you are a man.” I laughed too but still denied. It was forced.
My newly-turned paternal Uncle said “You can leave it, there’s no problem”
And I had to do it. What else I could do?

After an hour, we came back home. “Oh, what a day” I thought.

It was midnight when I heard drops falling. It was raining. There were clouds since evening and at last, it poured. It’s morning now, 10:20, and still the weather is cold and no sun is there to see.



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