Colors 2017

Yesterday was Holi. Holi, the festival of colors celebrated in the Indian subcontinent which marks the end of winter and symbolizes the victory of good over evil fell on 12th March this year. The next day, Dhulandi is celebrated, in which people play with colors.

Yesterday, after worshipping a bonfire, it was burned as the symbolic pyre of Holika. I took the wheat bundle which was supposed to ‘get cooked’ in the fire. Just held it for some seconds as it was really unbearable to stand next to the fire.

Woke up early at 8. So, today was the day for coloring each other’s face. I changed into some old clothes, you know why. Left the place at 9:30 to reach a relative’s house. Colored the Nick-B’s face with some green and pink color(dry). Wished everybody Happy Holi, took the offered sweets. My hands and face were covered with color, which was falling off whenever I moved hastily. I hope the Gulaal is not harmful as some entered my body with the sweets. 😛
After a while, my maternal cousins reach there. Ajanto was there too, he lives in Delhi.
“We went to your house, and found out you are here” Geno-B said.
We first colored each other. They were there with a plan. Four people caught Nick and one got a bottle from the car. A bottle full of red liquid. Color mixed with water. And Nick-B bathed with it. He was all pink, her hair, face, and the t-shirt. It didn’t stop there. Raul07 had a tube from which he took some paint in his hands and rubbed then on Nick-B’s face. Pink face with a metallic silver chin. It was the strongest color, which does not go off for days.
“You deceived me, you didn’t play Holi with such colors for last four years.”
“But, today we did. Maybe it’s something like leap year.” Geno-B said and laughed.
“See, Dylan is not that much colorful, he is still neat” Nick-B pointed towards me.
“There is something special for him.”Raul07 gritted.
“We have the most special thing for him, we are heading to his home together” Geno-B with a loud laugh. Everyone followed.
After some sweets and tea, we left the place.

I reached home and we were standing in the garden. Pondiu came with a bottle, again the same bottle. Filled. I was the prey this time. I just ran and tried to snatch it.
“Stop him, don’t let him get the bottle”Raul07 shouted out.
Half a second later, Six people were after the bottle, everybody trying to take it from her hands with all their force. I just didn’t let go. It was the bottle’s fate. It squeezed right there, bursting up with all the color on the floor.
“At least, I am safe.” I thought.
We smeared each other with the dry colors and ate some sweets.
Then it came, they all got hold of me.
“C’mon, bring the special washbowl” Geno-B shouted and laughed.
I was on the grass, my hands and feet held tightly. Kiboo-D came with a large washbowl (Paraatpoured it on me.Pink water with sand, grass and other things sticking to my T-shirt. I was all wet. I just took some on my hands and rubbed it on anyone who was standing near me. In the hubla-bubla, they tore my T-shirt and tied the two halves to cover the bare me.  I tore Ajanto’s torso. Ajanto, Raul07 and I posed for some photos in our torn, ripped T-shirts. 😛

Music started. We danced. Everybody showed a few hilarious weird steps.

Now, it was over. I visited Jayzbra and Riko. They saw me, a pink colored human with a torn up t-shirt.
“Who did this to you?” Riko laughed.
Later, I came back home and went to bath. It was a 2-hour long struggle and still, there are traces on my face and shoulders. The familiar pinkness.


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