Home Sweet Home VII

The eighteenth day of the month is here. Saturday. Holidays are over and I am heading back to college today.

The day before Yesterday.
I had to take care of a few things that day, like depositing money in my account, paying the electricity bill. I had to do many things like the last one as ‘I was already going out’. In the start of the month, when I came back home, I came with my medicines. Medicines that I bought in Varanasi after visiting a doctor in reference to my long-gone-but-came-back skin problem. The doctor said “Allergy from sunlight.Don’t go in the sun, wear full sleeves, a cap and apply this, this and take these tablets.” After 15 days, I had to buy some more. So, I left on my bike on 16th March.
“___ Cream” I said to the man in the chemist shop.
“What?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.
I repeated the name. After a strange expression, he denied.
‘Let’s get to Model Town’ I thought. It’s just five minutes away. I will try at Apollo Pharmacy. Apollo Pharmacy is a countrywide franchise if you don’t know. I asked at the counter.
“What did you say?” The guy asked again.
“_ _ _ _ _ _”I told him the spelling.
“Umm. Wait, let me check” he said and took out his phone. Apparently, he had a mobile app which showed if the prescription is available in the store or not. He searched the name in that app.
“There’s nothing like what you said, it maybe _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _”
“No, not that one” I walked out. Came back home. ‘The cream is very common there and I can’t get it here anywhere.’

Yesterday, I visited the drugstores near a hospital. ‘They should have all kind of medicines’
“Never heard of this name” this was the reply I got from the keeper.
‘There’s just one more day, I will buy it when I reach Varanasi.’ I thought and started watching my Arrow episodes.

Train is scheduled in the afternoon. I will cancel the ticket if someone could extend my holidays. Do it if you can.


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