Tofu Hakka Noodles and Guns

The fourth month of this year started with a Saturday. The hostel mess is off on Saturdays.
“Let’s go somewhere tonight to dine” Connor said to me.
“Where?” I was a little reluctant on going out that night.
“That will be decided in the auto, like always” he replied and left the room.
We reached the university’s main gate and started discussing the restaurant. We had already tasted many of them. We zeroed upon Ming’s Garden-a Chinese cuisine veg restaurant.

The restaurant is on the main straight road which leads to IP Vijaya. A see-through structure with dim yellowish lighting. There were abstract designs carved out of wood on the walls. It was moderately full and families and youngsters both were dining at the tables. We were six- Bozo, Gio, Connor, Torrence, Kevin and me. Riko was not found in his room when we left and nor did he took the call.
On the table, below the plate, there were papers which described the Chinese New Years with their respective animals.
“What to order?” Kevin passed the menu to our side.
Connor scanned the menu and chose two things after Kevin and Bozo’s consent.  The chose the ones they knew were good and had eaten before.
“I will order something that is new to me and has a cool name” I took the menu.
Most of the things were normal with just a word added to make them Chinese.
I relied upon the Tofu Hakka Noodles. The only reason was Tofu.
After a while, the waiter came with the bowls full of noodles and Manchurian. The bowls were pretty large and it justified the high price of the restaurant. 😛 We ate the food. There were several cheese-like pieces in my noodles. ‘So, that’s tofu but the noodles are just the normal noodles with paneer pieces’ I said in my mind.
“How is your tofu?” Kevin asked me.
“Looks like cheese and also similar in taste but drier.”

After leaving the restaurant, we walked to the Assi Ghat. There was something happening there. A musical performance just ended before we reached, the banners told us so. There were people sitting on the benches, talking and having fun. We did the same.

Last night, Lay came to the room at 12:18 A.M and “Let’s play”. It was about the gaming nights we hold, we play a game and see who has progressed more in the given three or four hour time. Oliver, Nian, Lay and I started at 12:21. Call of Juarez Gunslinger is an awesome game to play. It follows the life of a gunslinger of the true wild west. Nice storyline with an amazing gameplay which gives the true cowboy feeling.
The game is all about gunpowder and dynamite. Limitless shooting and killing. The sound of filled with the sound of gunshots blaring out of the four gaming machines we had. 😛
Nian as lagging behind very much and eventually gave up. We were three. Oliver;s laptop gave up and the bluescreen of death showed up. We were two now. Oliver and Nian left the place and went back to their rooms. It was 3 A.M then. I was leading and Lay was trying cope up. We both reached the last stage of the game. It was really tough with all the bosses of the game came back together in form of ghosts. I died there a dozen times. And Lay did it before me, just 3 seconds early. And with a difference of 3 seconds, the game credits floated on our screens. The game was completed.
“We are the real gamers” I smiled at Lay. He reciprocated. I left my seat and went out of the room. IT WAS BRIGHT OUTSIDE.
“Man, It’s morning, it was all dark when we started playing under the tube light and now it’s the sun out there.” I exclaimed.
I had never played a video the whole night before. It was time to rest. I slept at 6 A.M.
Woke up at 11 and I went to vote for the Student Parliament elections. Yes, I already knew that.

The time is 6:07 P.M right now. A summer evening before an unpredictable night ahead.


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