Troubled Waters

8th April 2017 | 9:40 A.M

Riko came to the room, woke me up and asked me to get ready.
“We are going to the Water Park.”
That’s how it is. We have now reached that level when we don’t have to plan a trip or ask someone for their consent, just go to them and order them to get ready.
In an hour we were ready and left the hostel at 11. There are two water parks in Varanasi, we were going to one but I didn’t know which one. We reached the place in an hour. Honestly, you don’t expect a huge 300 hectares la la land in Varanasi, no one can. But we didn’t expect what we found either. It was a small farm-sized plot with a metal gate. A man with a clear vision cannot tell from the outside that this is the place where he will spend his next 4-6 hours swimming, sliding down slides, jumping and all other fun things. In a state of doubt I called some of my friends and confirmed the location. After assurance, we went in. Okay, a sigh of relief, there was a pool and some slides too. That meant we were not doomed completely. We changed clothes, kept our wallets and mobiles in the allotted locker and without wasting a part of a second, jumped in. The water was cold, good for the summers. The more time we spent in there, the better it felt. After a while, we climbed up the stairs to take the water rides. First, we went for the highest Aqualoop, the closed twisted slide which plunges you directly into the pool from a height of 32 feet. You are thrilled once, then you enjoy it. Following that, we went to the open flume. A great body slide with your head on the front end and laying on your stomach. Gio was terrified after that experience. We were not going to leave any stone unturned, I was determined to try every slide and thing in the park. We headed to the bowl next. It was not that much frightening or I had already practiced, I didn’t know. Then there was a wave pool which got deeper on moving further into it and occasionally waves were produced. We swam, jumped and hung onto each other to make the other person dive deeper. All of us held our breath and shook hands underwater, punched each other and tried everything that was possible.

Right now I’m a little short on time.



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