I took a dive…but with my phone!!!

The fun continued for two hours, then lunch break was announced and the water slides were stopped. We drank some sprite and ate patiez. There was nothing else to eat and we couldn’t go out. The park closes at 4, it was 2 by then. We had two more hours and we wanted them to be fun. So after 15 minutes, the show started again. We went for Family boomerango ride in which two people sit in a raft and the raft goes up and down a hill slide, it comes to rest at the bottom at last. I and Kevin sat in one. When it descend and ascended in the other side, my heart was really pounding like it is going to get outta the chest. But it was fun. We then headed to wave pool again. Everybody showed their amateur swimming skills. I jumped in the water with three body spins, on my back, dived and any other pose that would be considered cool. Then we came back to the slides. It was time make some memories that we enjoyed a lot on this Saturday. So, we brought out our phones from the locker. Torrence was taking selfies and photos. I walked towards the pool to take some picture too. Descending into the pool, I was not wearing my spectacles and the apparent depth deceived me or that’s my excuse now, but I put my right leg forward but it didn’t touch the pool floor, water just got deeper. I had lifted my left leg and there was no ground under my right one. I was horizontal in the pool with my arms and legs spread. $#%^@$^! This was my state of mind. My phone was still in my hand. I stood up lightning fast. Looked at my palm-sized gadget,  it was still working. There were 2 missed calls from Mom. I ran out of the limitless sea of water. The time slowed for me. Got hold of somebody’s shirt hanging in the changing room and rubbed it hastily on the golden back of my smart phone. Opened it and kept it in the sunlight near the Ladies Room. There were kids running behind their mothers and asking them to change their clothes. I was guarding my phone and telling them to keep away…I joined again after half an hour. The phone was switched off and was sleeping in the locker.

We left the place for the hostel at 4:30.
“Let’s eat on the way, I am hungry” Kevin said when we were waiting for a taxi.
We all were hungry. But half people agreed and others headed back to the hostel. I came back to the hostel. I was hungry but didn’t want to eat because accidentally I was filled with the pool water. Diving and jumping, bit by bit my belly felt abnormal with the chlorine water inside it. So, I chose not to eat. I reached the hostel at 5:30. I was very much exhausted. I can now make clear that chlorinated pool water can make you nauseated. I was dizzy and slept to deep sleep.
“Dylan, Dylan” I heard Nian’s voice stomping on my head.
“Where are you going to dine today?” he asked as it was a Saturday and mess is off on Saturdays.
“I don’t know, perhaps nowhere, I am a little uneasy”
“Okay, we can go later..around 8:30?” he sought approval.
“Yes, it’s fine” I was lying in the bed all this time and again buried my face in the pillow and slept.
“Dylan, Dylan wake up” Torrence was standing at the door.
I woke up.
“Where are you dining tonight?” I asked him.
“HG, maybe”
Carlos and Nian were ready by then.
“Come with us, we are heading to Tit Bit restaurant” I introduced him with Nian and Carlos. By the way, the restaurant’s name is a little strange.

“The food is good, though there is some crowd here.” I said when we were using the tissues sitting in the restaurant. When we came out I wanted to have the Pehelwan Lassi. It is irresistible. After the lassi, I had an Ice-cream named Pataka. Pink, Yellow and Green colored strips from top to bottom. A great name for a great Ice-cream. 😛
maxresdefault (1)

Next Day
My body was aching and there were numerous cramps in the arms and legs. You are this much exhausted when you have done mountain-climbing for two days straight. And with time till evening, I was….


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