Medicines and Terrorists !

As evening came I was feeling unwell. My head was like I am banging it on concrete. It was the feeling before you get a fever, I knew it. Everybody knows it. Also, my belly gave up and I had stomach ache too. In my sleep, I was just moving my hands and arms as I could feel the fever. My body was warm. It was 8 P.M only and I was trying to sleep.
“Let’s go and see a doctor” Jordan said. I agreed as I have to go to the service center for my phone too on the next day. The warranty was going to be void in 3 days.

I explained everything to the doctor about my condition since the morning. He wrote down some tablets. We walked to Lanka to get money and buy the medicines. I was tired. With every step, my head shook like it is in a loose cover and is hitting the walls of the container. But I had to walk. We bought the medicines and came back to the hostel. I took the prescribed drugs and slept. Next morning, it was fine but not well. Still, I had a low fever and my head was not a bit okay. And the night…
I was unable to sleep in the night. I had slept at 10 to woke up at 12 due to the stomachache. Fever was accompanying it. Again laid on the bed and my eyes opened at 1:30. I started walking in the corridor, unable to go to bed anymore. Many people were awake at that time, hostelers do not sleep early anyway. I went to the loo. Came back and fell on the bed and tried to sleep. 3 A.M and I ran to the washroom, I threw up. Nobody was up then, my roommates were sleeping and the room lights were off, I could see the windows. After that, all was well, I drank some water and slept again. It was 5 A.M when I woke up again and repeated the same. The night was a real bad night, of these years.
I was awake and waiting for morning so that I could go to the health centre. It was 7:30 A.M and people were getting ready for the classes. I was waiting for the clock to strike 8. It did and I reached the center at 8:15 A.M. I told the doctor the whole story, how I slept after taking the pill and still it turned out bad. She told me to get two injections and sent me to Room 9. There were two nurses. One of them told me to lie down on the bed. They were very kind. Their old faces were kind, they must have been mothers. Mothers are caring.

It was fine after the injecctions. I continued the medicines for three days. And the day before yesterday, I was perfectly fine.

I played Counter Strike online for the first time on LAN with friends. CS:Go is famous among college students but I never did try. And I enjoyed it. Oliver, Lay, Nian, Pedd, Geodude and I played it. And it was 5 hours straight in the night. We left the tables at 5 in the morning. It’s a great multiplayer game, I must say.

“No, I will not play today, I said it yesterday that it is our last game” I tried convincing Lay. We have exams approaching and I don’t want to play video games.
“Please, it’s a gamer’s request to another gamer” he requests in the lowest voice possible.
“No, man No.”
“One game only, Please, please”
And we play 2 games in a go.


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