Four Shadows

Today is Saturday, the weekend is here. It’s 2:10 P.M right now and to this world’s surprise, there is no sun outside today. A day without the blazing hot sunlight is a relief. Otherwise, we are burning. A shady and windy day. Perfect for roaming around the ghats. The pages of a book on the table are fluttering, the wind from the window is responsible.
Since last Sunday, I am playing CS:GO every day, not much but a match everyday. Pedd and Lay request everyone to play. It’s like our daily ritual.
“Let’s play it now before dinner because if we played after dining, it will be morning and we will be playing it all night” I stated to the bunch of gamers.
“Okay, there is one hour in 8, go and connect, I am sending the IP address of the server.” Pedd turns his laptop on.
We play. Lay is a seasoned player and his favorite is the AUG Rifle and Sniper. Once he gets holds of the Sniper, he kills half of the enemy team. The rifles and the SMGs recoil a lot and are not my cup of tea. I buy the Dual Berettas in every game and use them only. They are cheap and don’t damage a lot. People suggest me to buy some good guns but I stick to them. My player name is also Gunslinger. Now, I am used to the two silver guns and I play well with them. We played a game an hour ago and I have declared that we will not play now till our exams get over. I will stick to the decision, now.

Nian, Carlos, Pedd and I were having dinner in the restaurant Capsicum on Lanka. After that, we decided to walk to the hostel from the university’s main gate. It’s about 2.8 Kms. We didn’t take the usual taxi route and instead walked straight and explored new roads. There was a road, dark and silent. we started talking about how the place is similar to the ones showed in horror TV shows and movies.
“Yeah, look at that tree, it’s shadow is similar to a man with one leg” I said pointing towards a tree on the roadside.
“And look through the shrubs, there is some noise of leaves crumbling, someone’s there” I continued.
“There is nothing” Nian replied.
“The university is a 100 years old, there must have been people who died here and some of them maybe ghosts roaming around” I was trying not to laugh and act normal. “There can be spirits. There are many types of ghouls like spirits, devils, jinns and other supernatural powers.”
“What are jinns?” Pedd inquired.
I told him what I knew.
“There can be shadow people following us. A Shadow being or a shadow figure is a type of ghost seen during the night, generally, flee when detected by humans.” Nian and Pedd were listening closely while Carlos was trying to be cool and didn’t say anything. After a while, there was a building- Indoor stadium. I pointed my hand towards its gate and screamed “Who’s that?” and ran ahead. Pedd and Nian followed me, Pedd held my hand and ran with me. He looked horrified.
“It’s real, shadow people are common, you can experience it.” It was stupid but they were actually frightened, so I kept it on. ” If there is any spirit who has some last wish, please talk to us. If there is anyone out there, we want to see you.” I stood in the middle and shouted like an ouija does. Nian sticks to my arm with both hands like a kid. I couldn’t control my laughter and was laughing out loud in the dead silence. They are terrified with just words. After a few moments, there was thud on my back I turned around and….


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