Wrapped Up!

The days are lovely. It’s been three days since the last time I faced the hard penetrating sunlight. It is gray sky throughout the day and I like it. One can roam in the city and hangout at places. Only if he/she got time in his little hands. I don’t. I have been really busy and the day ends with a wave. I write articles, design for a company and my internship is there too. All in a day’s work. I need some time management tips.


I wake up at 5 AM, come back after jogging for an hour or so. Take bath, dress up and get to work. My work with Divaswapna is going great. There are only two interns and we have to do everything. Yes, we I manage the content development, design brochures and cards for the company and also some administrative processes. A whole lot of experience. The cloudy weather gave some relief to the heat. Good. 🙂

One thing that is pestering is during the night, insects fly to the room driven by the light. Mostly crickets and they hop around. Yester night, one jumped up to my bed, I was terrified. They look scary. Black. 😐

Adapt. Evolve.

“Only the fittest will survive”- originated from the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, the phrase is right in some way. Today is my fifth day in the new hostel. The past feelings of nostalgia and loneliness are gone. I do not have a hand in it, time has. As the environment changes, humans change and adapt.

I have now accustomed to the new hostel, people, mess and life. Really, I have a little problem with anything around. My day starts 5 and ends at 12 in the night.

Still, Patrick and I converse very less. The sentences are mostly necessary ones. He is that type of person. Maybe he opens with time. Maybe not. I can handle every kind. I’m good with him and things are smoothest. I have a lot of free time here, so I have planned many things. Nofat, the exceptionally skinny guy from Civil Engg. is here, Nian is here. Jordon is here too.

On May 16, 2017 I wrote the poem ‘Touch’ for Seasons of life. I sent its publication news as messages in my WhatsApp groups. A senior replied in the Literary Club group and praised the lines of rhyme. He personally messaged me and asked me to meet him. The day before tomorrow, I was in his room. 9PM.
pen and poem

“It’s  been around a year writing poems” he said.
I already had some idea that he is interested in writing, that’s why he called me to meet. He showed me his poems and asked for a review. His last year ended in college, he will leave next month. The one hour conversation we had, told me that he is a nice guy. No arrogance or something, he asked me for reviews and said that I write very well. When I was leaving, he made an offer. “Let’s  write a poem together, we will be great. A mature one”
I never wrote anything with somebody. There was no reason to refuse. I write poems but a collaboration will do no harm. He was excited. I agreed. I will go to him today probably. Let’s see what gets born with minds put together to work. Haha.  🙂

Home is where the heart is.

It’s been two days since I landed back again in Varanasi. I left for college on 20th May and reached the destination the next day. I booked the train ticket on 11th May and the waitlist was WL48. One can say that it is tough to get a ticket confirmed which is on the half-century’s number. I wished it didn’t confirm, so I could stay at home one day longer. But what we want rarely happens. It got cleared and I boarded the same train.

—May 21, 2017—1:00 PM
I got off from the train, took a taxi and came to the university. Bozo was staying in the college. To get a room allotted in the hostel, two people were needed. No single rooms were available. Bozo had come back early and he needed a roommate. So, god bless him, he paid my old hostel’s mess dues, paid the new hostel fees, completed the formalities and got a room allotted. All this before I reached there. I reached the hostel’s gate. Just one problem. I didn’t know the room number. I dialed his number. Bozo’s phone was off. 10 minutes later, still his phone was switched off. I asked the guard. He had no idea who lives in which room. Neither expected from him. I was already sad leaving the home and now I don’t have anywhere to go. It was hot out there, I wanted to relax on a bed and drink some cold juice. Okay, water. But nothing came to my rescue. I sat at the door on the chairs beside the guard. What could I do?
My mind flooded with a dozen thoughts at the same time- “Take a walk around. Look into all the rooms, check every room. You will find it.” The next was “But checking the whole hostel…it will take more than an hour and also there are seniors staying in the hostel.” More like these “Sit here. Wait, you will see somebody familiar, who will get you to the room.”

Then, I stood up and walked to the desk. There is an In-Out Register maintained at each hostel in which you have to enter your name and details if you leave the hostel after the permitted time in the night. I opened the last page and went through the last two days entries. And there was one with the same name. Let’s check the phone number. They matched! Cool. I went to the room and found Bozo sleeping. He opened his red eyes. I put down my bags there. The room was burning.

That evening, I was just roaming in the hostel. Checking the tall palm and mango trees. Yes, there is a garden in the center of the hostel, the hostel is square in shape if you see it from a helicopter. The place was new. There are very few people whom I know. To be precise, only one. Summer is on the peak, it’s hot out there. When I am jobless, that too in a new place, I miss home. I had nothing to do. I didn’t want to live there. I wanted to be home. I wanted to lie in front of the cooler all day long, I didn’t care about the water in the cooler. It was always filled, I was taken care of. I wanted to sit on the roof with Mom. I was homesick. Very much, after a long time. It was like the first time like I had come for the very first time to live in a hostel with people I don’t know. Last time, this happened in July 2016, the early days when the college life started. I remembered those days, I used to just sit and think about home and then called Mom. The memories made me more nostalgic. I also missed the old hostel. It was the second home. I had friends there, my room was my home. One year is enough. I missed the fun I had with Walter, Jordon and all the other people there.

—May 22, 2017—
I woke up at 6 AM. I stepped out of the room. A nice weather welcomed me. The sun was behind the gray clouds. No sunlight. Just as I like it. I was made a little cheery by the skies. I went on to the roof. A spacious roof with no one around. And a cool breeze blowing. The trees were swaying in the gentle breeze, I could hear the leaves rubbing. There was a chair. I wonder who had brought it? There were some empty glass bottles. I got the answer. The bottles were quite old. I sat there and unbuttoned the first three buttons of my shirt. I called Mom. I sat there for an hour. I had to reach Madhuban at 9. Madhuban is a garden in the campus with a Nescafe. I had never visited it though. It was a meeting fixed regarding my Internship with Divaswapna. The representative from the company had asked me and the other Intern to meet there. Believing in the nice nature, I decided to walk all the 2 KM way to the garden.

I shifted my luggage and belongings from the old hostel to the new place yesterday evening. It was better after everything was arranged. But still half of me wanted to be at home and if in college, I wanted to live at the same old S.N. Bose hostel with all those buddies.

—May 23, 2017—5:45 PM

5:45 is the present time. Now, there are few more people whom I know. To be precise, three. I can go to their room, talk or chill. I m living with a guy from civil. I don’t know him. He is a reserved boy unlike me. He talks on necessary occasions. Very less. It’s been a day and we have exchanged hardly 8-9 sentences. Just purposeful conversation like “I am going out, lock the room if you go somewhere” and “Give me that charger”. Nothing else. I thought about how I yelled at Walter every 15 minutes and got the same in response. Anyway, let’s see what unfolds in these two months. Then, I again have to move to new hostel for the second year.


What’s that one word title. Should I use an interesting title for a blog post which says my vacations are over? No. 😦

Today is 20th May and probably I will be leaving for college today’s evening. My train ticket is till on waitlist WL 14. I want it to get confirmed. Right now, I am relaxing on the bed, surfing the internet. I don’t need to do any packing. I got only one bag. Watched a Justice League animated film yesterday, Woah, it was nice. What a good movie picked I am!!

We got an Email form the institute which the Training and Placement cell got from THE Indian Economist. TIE is an online magazine about technology, business, culture and life. The reviews were great. It is looking for Writing Program Analysts (this is their term for writers, I think :P) who can write crisp articles for the magazine. No dubiety state, I applied straight away. Got back the mail telling me the brief about the job. 😀 I was happy. But I am already so occupied that I cannot take up another job. I have this blog, poems’ place and then…..So, to avoid any mismanagement of time, I have to drop this offer. It’s better to tell early rather than failing to be on your words later.

Anyway, let’s wait for the train. I am coming, Varanasi. 🙂

Movies, Writings, Blog and more…

I am home for the summer. Today’s May 17 and I have just three days more to be at home. Yes, I am going back early. I have an internship at Varnasi. I wanted my summers to be productive, uber productive.
The day before yesterday, I watched the movie ‘American Sniper’. This is not a movie review blog but I’m gonna do it. The movie was G.R.E.A.T. It revolves around the life of SEAL (Sea, Air and Land) member-Chris Kyle. He was an award winning sniper, an asset to the Navy. The film is based on his autobiography of the same name. The story- compelling and awesome. It gives you an view of a militaryman’s life. How he lives, his marriage and family. It is an recommended movie. There is no high end action but it makes you stick to your seat.
Then, I was writing with loud music on the speakers. Yesterday, I started the movie ‘The Silence of the Lambs’. Again, this movie is going amazing in terms of storyline. A thriller clip.
At home, either I am watching a good movie, writing stuff (with loud music), eating or sleeping. That’s all.

Vacations, Are you there?

Everybody needs a break once in a while from what they are doing. Whether it’s a job, hobby, sleeping or nothing. Yes, people need breaks from doing nothing. What do you think of when the word ‘break’ is muttered or shouted before you. Tell me, what comes to your never working old rusty empty bloodless grey brain when it hears ‘break’? And what about ‘break up’? Oh, sorry if it really does make sense to you. Because the latter is not for me. 😛

Okay, taking a break can mean different things to different homo-sapiens. It can be a short walk in that park, a cup of coffee after long hours of work, checking FB, a long walk in that park, a cup of coffee after some work, checking FB second time, a not-so-long-not-so-short walk in the same park, a cup of coffee after no work, checking FB a third….OK, forgive me. It can be anything. What about longer breaks? Are you thinking of cruising off to some remote islands? If you are, you are thinking too much. Longer breaks here point towards Vacations. ‘Vacations are usually spent with family/friends, for the purpose of recreation’. For a student living in another city, Vacations are meant to be spent at home. Because home is…HOME.

The eyes aching because of laptop screens, mobile screens, sunscreens and every other kind of screen suddenly start dreaming about long sleepy nights, comfy bed and a air cooled room. But what when the dream doesn’t come true?
“Wake up, it’s 8 already” Why mom shouts when it is only 7:58?
You are not permitted to sleep.
“Go and get a back cover for my mobile, the old one is damaged.”
“Call the mechanic, the fan is not working properly”
“We will go shopping today” (Shopping for curtains and tea cups)
“Go and get a haircut, you look shabby”
And without counting the days, you find yourself standing at the railway platform waiting for your train to arrive and take you back to the place. Vacations over. Hey, were they there anyway?

Right now, I am in the mid of my holidays and feeling the same way. I am asking out “Hey, Vacations, are you there?”

Home Sweet Home VIII

Five days. I am at home for five days and it feels like a month. Time is slow. I can do anything. I am happy. And free. Most of the free time, I am writing. Blog, Quora and articles, content for websites etc. Sunday is here and probably, I am going shopping today. New clothes for me. 🙂

Home is the best place and I have to leave on 20th May. I don’t want to go and I want to go. Adios for now!

Wheels of Steel III

“She is also in army” he told us.
“Love or Arranged?” This was the second time I asked this question to a stranger in train. Last time, it was when I was going to Jaipur on Rakshabandhan last year. The girl was also getting married in the end of the year 2016.
“Love” he said.
The girl’s answer was also the same. So, I met a girl last year getting married to her lover and a guy this year doing the same.
He was a good conversation handler. Whenever silence took over, he asked something else like “Does ragging happen at IITs?” “How is the studies there?” “And Placement?” etc.
“No ragging is done in our college, however if somebody wishes they can go to senior’s hostel by choice”
“Good, now it has changed”
“I have heard there is ragging in NDA” Riko said.
“Yes, it’s fucking evil. The training is a part of it. But I think it is good, what I am today is of them only. The physical training makes you mentally strong.”
We were just nodding to the facts.
He told us about his life in brief. Last year he was in Jabalpur, September to March for training. How they ran with 14 Kg loads tied to them, rock climbing, cliff climbing and swimming. He said he was at the peak of physical fitness while in training. How they bunked the training, asking friends to lock their room from outside and sleeping all day. They were sleep deprived, they managed to get just 2-3 hour sleep a day. 10 Km extra run was the punishment for absence on the training field.
We also discussed how he missed the college life. After 12th, he joined NDA so no experience of college. He asked about us routine. He missed all those hostel parties, LAN Gaming, GPLs etc. It was 1 A.M when we left off to sleep.
“I will take movies from you in the morning” he said when going to bed. I nodded.

I like to feel the mornings in trains. So, I wake up early while traveling on rails. I woke up at 7 and get rid of all my daily chores. Stood at the door and felt the wind. I came back and sat on my upper berth. Around 10 o’clock, Kurt woke up. He came to my berth with his hard disk. He chose some movies and I transferred them to his disk from my laptop.
“Let me show you something interesting” he said and connected his hard drive to my laptop. There were folders like STUDY MTL, OPS, FIELD etc. He opened one of them named ‘Operations’ and their were files named in a order like Ops black_11, Ops Black_12 etc. It reminded me of the video game Call of Duty-Black ops. Anyway, he opened a PowerPoint presentation. It was about the 26/11 Mumbai attack. He was a part of the team, his team was assigned to rescue the foreigners from Taj Hotel.
51 SAG team’s member Kurt got into the hotel from the roof.  The PPT described all the things happened during the mission in detail. Who threw a grenade and where were the terrorists hiding. Explained to me every slide. It was great to get an insight about the working of the counter-terrorists and the terrorists. It was when Riko woke up. We got down and sat there. He was good at narrating. Then, he told us his days in Arunachal Pradesh. It was winter then and how he and his team lived in the snow covered terrain for months without mobile signals, electricity and just gathered stock of food. How it took four hours to walk to the Headquarters from his post. He showed us pictures in his mobile of the place. His post was a little hut in between two cliffs. No life in 80 KM radius, just snow. The life is an adventure in the defense, I was told this in childhood by somebody and his stories concreted the belief. It was amazing, he had lived in snow, heavy rain and now in Rajasthan. Respect for the soldiers.
Apart from his narration, we talked about college life, how youth is addicted to smoking, drinking and american TV shows. He was watching GoT and was on season 3. We talked about Varanasi and the only nightlife in Varanasi is strolling on the ghats. He asked us about our ‘status’. Some of the things he said “This country owes us something, so remember to pay back” he said this in lieu of the cases where IITians go abroad to earn money. And “Enjoy, do anything you want because time will run fast.” “Try everything but never get addicted” Each is a simple advice but if you follow, they got meaning.
We sent friend requests on facebook before we boarded off the train.
“My cousin sister studies in MNIT, I have to reach MNIT, in the evening I will leave for Kota”
“Join us, MNIT is on the way we will drop you” I asked him.
“Okay, if you are comfortable.” he said.
We three were sitting in the Uber cab when he said “Let’s exchange contacts.”
“I will call you when I will be in Varanasi” he said after we exchanged numbers.
“Sure” I said.

We dropped him off at Gargi girls’ hostel, MNIT. For the first time, I made a friend and gave my number to someone I met during a train journey.

Now, I am home, typing this from my parents’ bedroom sitting in front of the cooler. 🙂

In the other world, I got the job of a content writer at collegedunia.com. I got the offer letter on May 8. I am looking forward to work with them. 🙂

Wheels of Steel II

This is me, the one who is unmarried and single and still reducing his number of blog posts.

NOTE: Marriage forbids many things. 😛

May 8, was the day of my exam for Philosophy. 9 to 12 in the morning and I came to my room at 11:20 A.M. I know philosophy, I got philosophical stuff pumping in my arteries.
I had to pack my stuff as I was leaving the city the same evening. I started at around half past noon and continued for an hour. I took that hour to just take out my bag and other things out of the almirah. Nothing else, they were on my bed watching me with their hopeful eyes to get packed for home. I went for lunch. 😉
I came back in some time and started again with the task.
“When’s your train?” Lay was drinking water from my bottle(This is worth mentioning, we will talk about this later).
“5:30, I will leave at 4” I replied.
“Enough time, let’s have a game of Counter Strike” Lay said this and he knew that I knew that he is going to say this.
“No, I have to pack my stuff, you can see”I said this and he was expecting this only.
“One game and you are done. There are still 2 hours in 4” he insisted.

“Batman, what are you doing? Can’t you aim?” I shouted in my mic when Nian missed a killing shot and we lost the match.

I was almost done with the packing when Riko came.
“Waiting 4 and 5.” he told about the ticket status.
“Final chart prepared?”
We booked a ticket from Varanasi to Allahabad and then we will go with Jaipur-Allahabad Express.
No delight in the 2-hour journey to Allahabad. We reached ALD on time and waited for the next train.

We felt like the king with seven wives when we came to know that our ticket got a free upgrade and we were going to travel in the Tier-1 AC coach. The word ‘free’ is itself awesome and it is accompanied by ‘upgrade’ here.Cool!
We boarded the train and went to our allotted berths. There were three men sitting and talking. There was a middle-aged half bald guy in front of me, another guy with exceptionally popped out eyes and a normal man going towards his elderly stage. Overhearing their conversation gave us the idea that the bald one was in the military. He was talking about his days in the snow-covered areas etc.
We sat there and I waited for them to leave…

They left after a while. I jumped onto the front berth and relaxed.
“This compartment should be unallocated, it will be private and fun.” I smiled at Riko.
Then the first out of the three( the bald one) came back and sat beside me.
“Going to Jaipur?” he asked us.
“Yes” I replied to the cliche train convo starter question.
“Study there?” he was predicting as was not asking.
“No, home” We said.
“What?” It looked like he didn’t listen.
“We live there, home.”
“Okay, I thought you are going there for coaching as I meet many students traveling to Kota for preparations.” He was dumbstruck when he found out that his predictions were shattered and in fact, some people actually have a home in cities like Jaipur and Kota.
“Allahabad, then?” he was the interviewer from the outer space.
“We came from Varanasi, we study there”
I couldn’t continue the one-liner conversation so I kept shut.
“You both are from Jaipur?”  He can ask anything. It was his job anyway.
“Schooling in Jaipur only?”
“Yeah” I said ‘yeah’ just to avoid sounding like a programmed robot.
“Coaching for JEE or self-study?”
“ALLEN” I said. (ALLEN is never written in small letters, just an observation :P)
“Bansal” Riko missed the next word ‘classes’.
As I had the hint that he is in army, I chose to confirm.
“What do you do?”
“I am in Indian Army”
“After engineering or NDA?” Riko asked a question which made me wonder ‘Is B.tech necessary to join the army?’
“NDA, I joined after 12th grade.”

In between the talk,
“My going-to-be in-laws place is Jaipur.” he told us about his connection with our city.
“When is it going-to-be?” I asked quickly with a smile.
With a wide toothy smile, he said “Towards the end of this year.”

Sleep or not?

Birds flying to their nests with food for their babies, workers heading home after a day at the desk- this time is evening. Following which night comes, humans have been sleeping for ages during the dark nighttime. But in a college hostel, the scenario is contradictorily different. People usually sleep at 5-6 in the morning after chilling out the whole night.

I am becoming one of them with time. Yesterday, as I thought of going to the ghats in the morning I had to make a plan. Waking up at 5 A.M and reach the place before sunrise is like making a rocket to the moon. So, I was in a dilemma- Should I take a nap or just remain awake? Making the former impossible task reality is not my cup of tea, I was awake playing CS: GO and when the time was 4:35 A.M, I left the game and entered into reality. Nian also wanted to see the sunrise, so he accompanied me. We reached the place on time. The sky was getting clear and brighter. Nian and I sat there watching the red dot getting bigger as it moved up slowly and fast. Perfect timing- Ganga Arti was going on and there were many foreigners as the spectators. The place sees many visitors in the daytime also. We sat there for some forty minutes and then came back.

Saturday and mess was off. So, Walter, Nian, Carlos, Pedd and I went out to Chrystal Ball restaurant for the dinner. No queries about the H in the CHRYSTAL. It was my idea to have a dinner gathering with the wingies before the first year ends because next year we will be allotted hostels according to branch and it will less often that we will see each other.
We were walking back to the hostel when Connor called. He asked me about my whereabouts and we decided to meet at Assi. I agreed. I reached the ghat and it was Connor, me and Torrence sitting on a pedestal watching the boats tied at the bank. There were more than usual groups of youngsters sitting and gossiping. Most of them were of my college. It’s obvious that after the exams everybody will relax. And there is no better place than Ghats to chill in Varanasi. We three relaxed and laid down our backs. Torrence put his head on my belly and Connor’s head was on my left arm. We didn’t cared about anything- dust on our clothes or people watching. It was calm. We talked about why we can’t see the stars and how the sky is looking deep blue than black.
On our way back home, I bought myself a cup of Pahalwan Lassi. I never miss a chance. Yummy!
Right now, it’s 3:05 A.M and I am again pulling an all-nighter. I will go to Dashashwamedh Ghat around 5 to see the sunrise and for a boat ride. 🙂