Wrapped Up!

The days are lovely. It's been three days since the last time I faced the hard penetrating sunlight. It is gray sky throughout the day and I like it. One can roam in the city and hangout at places. Only if he/she got time in his little hands. I don't. I have been really busy and the … Continue reading Wrapped Up!


Adapt. Evolve.

"Only the fittest will survive"- originated from the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, the phrase is right in some way. Today is my fifth day in the new hostel. The past feelings of nostalgia and loneliness are gone. I do not have a hand in it, time has. As the environment changes, humans change and adapt. … Continue reading Adapt. Evolve.


What's that one word title. Should I use an interesting title for a blog post which says my vacations are over? No. 😦 Today is 20th May and probably I will be leaving for college today's evening. My train ticket is till on waitlist WL 14. I want it to get confirmed. Right now, I … Continue reading Over.