Last Days

Okay, I didn’t get eaten by a killer shark nor by a monster size guinea pig. I was just here, in front of my laptop, was just not typing anything for the blog. My end semester examinations started on the 29th day of the last month i.e, April. Exams days in colleges especially engineering colleges are like ‘Eat, Study, Eat, Study’ alternatively. No sleep or play. I used to sleep at 5 A.M on some days and faced a sheet of paper with questions printed the next morning’s 9. No problem. Today is May 5, 2017, 9:30 P.M. One exam is still due on 8th May. Subject-Philosophy. Yes, apart from the engineering subjects we have a compulsary Humanities course. I chose Philosophy. Choosing philosophy as the Humanities course was one of the few decisions in my life that I don’t regret. The philosophy teacher was an old, bald man with calm temperament. I attended two classes in the whole semester the first one and the last one. My attendance-98%. He never cared about attendance or people bunking the class. Nor did I. My room’s comfort was more appealing than the lectures about Sir Francis Bacon and his sayings. The coming examination of philosophy on 8th May, I don’t even consider it an exam. Nobody does, the ones who do are living on Mars already. They are great. We are chilling in the last few days. The semester along with the first year of our college life is going to be a memory soon. We are heading home on 8th and then I will meet the collegues as a Sophomore.
—TODAY 1900 HRS—

I was playing counter strike. This was obvious. My team included bAdbouy, batman and Gunslinger(me). These are the virtual CS:GO names. The player behind bAdbouy is Lay and Nian is batman. In a snap, in the left corner of my laptop screen there was a message in red font color ‘Auto-disconnect 00:07’ and timer reached zero. We got disconnected, after this I came to know that lights went out and the LAN connection stopped. I walked out of the rooms. We were standing in the corridor.
“Who wants to play Hide and Seek?” Connor asked.
An unexpected idea, unexpected from Connor to be honest. But was a great one. I was in. 10 minutes and we revised the rules of the long forgotten childhood game. We started off with Lay being the seeker. We hid ourselves. I was sitting in the corridor itself behind some clothes on a wire. It was fun. Lay was getting tagged everytime and once tagged, the seeker has to go again and start over again. It was his fourth time and I went on to be the seeker. I feared it will get bore if Lay would become the seeker everytime and I wanted to play the game from both the views. I came, I found four of them and Bam! I was tagged. A second time, third and fourth. I thought of something. The hostel is a square seen from a helicopter above in the sky. We were playing in the half region, I ran and came from the other side as I knew they all were gathered in one part which was dark and silent. And from behind I saw figures bending over to the other side, looking or me. I called out everyone’s name smilingly.
“Hey, you can’t come from the other side’ Lay and others said in a hubble.
“Why, man?”
“It was the rule” Someone said.
“The rule was to hide in this area, not that the seeker can’t roam around.”
“No, No” everybody was blurting out his opinion in the spurt of the moment.
“Man, accept that you have been outwitted” I was getting a little contentious.
They argued, it was not fun for me anymore.

Perhaps, I am getting frustated easily these days. But I was not like this, I am not like this. There are very few and specific things that can make me angry. I’m not that much short-tempered.

Today’s situation was not that much annoying. Nobody listened to each other and it just got heat up. Maybe I was frustated as I was being tagged everytime and was the seeker. But they should have listened. Anyway, let’s ride over.

I wanted to visit the ghats on a summer morning for the last two weeks. I will do this tomorrow. I don’t want to miss the chance before I go home for the holidays. Let’s see if the Force is with me or not! Jedi power, wake me up!!


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