Sleep or not?

Birds flying to their nests with food for their babies, workers heading home after a day at the desk- this time is evening. Following which night comes, humans have been sleeping for ages during the dark nighttime. But in a college hostel, the scenario is contradictorily different. People usually sleep at 5-6 in the morning after chilling out the whole night.

I am becoming one of them with time. Yesterday, as I thought of going to the ghats in the morning I had to make a plan. Waking up at 5 A.M and reach the place before sunrise is like making a rocket to the moon. So, I was in a dilemma- Should I take a nap or just remain awake? Making the former impossible task reality is not my cup of tea, I was awake playing CS: GO and when the time was 4:35 A.M, I left the game and entered into reality. Nian also wanted to see the sunrise, so he accompanied me. We reached the place on time. The sky was getting clear and brighter. Nian and I sat there watching the red dot getting bigger as it moved up slowly and fast. Perfect timing- Ganga Arti was going on and there were many foreigners as the spectators. The place sees many visitors in the daytime also. We sat there for some forty minutes and then came back.

Saturday and mess was off. So, Walter, Nian, Carlos, Pedd and I went out to Chrystal Ball restaurant for the dinner. No queries about the H in the CHRYSTAL. It was my idea to have a dinner gathering with the wingies before the first year ends because next year we will be allotted hostels according to branch and it will less often that we will see each other.
We were walking back to the hostel when Connor called. He asked me about my whereabouts and we decided to meet at Assi. I agreed. I reached the ghat and it was Connor, me and Torrence sitting on a pedestal watching the boats tied at the bank. There were more than usual groups of youngsters sitting and gossiping. Most of them were of my college. It’s obvious that after the exams everybody will relax. And there is no better place than Ghats to chill in Varanasi. We three relaxed and laid down our backs. Torrence put his head on my belly and Connor’s head was on my left arm. We didn’t cared about anything- dust on our clothes or people watching. It was calm. We talked about why we can’t see the stars and how the sky is looking deep blue than black.
On our way back home, I bought myself a cup of Pahalwan Lassi. I never miss a chance. Yummy!
Right now, it’s 3:05 A.M and I am again pulling an all-nighter. I will go to Dashashwamedh Ghat around 5 to see the sunrise and for a boat ride. 🙂


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