Wheels of Steel II

This is me, the one who is unmarried and single and still reducing his number of blog posts.

NOTE: Marriage forbids many things. 😛

May 8, was the day of my exam for Philosophy. 9 to 12 in the morning and I came to my room at 11:20 A.M. I know philosophy, I got philosophical stuff pumping in my arteries.
I had to pack my stuff as I was leaving the city the same evening. I started at around half past noon and continued for an hour. I took that hour to just take out my bag and other things out of the almirah. Nothing else, they were on my bed watching me with their hopeful eyes to get packed for home. I went for lunch. 😉
I came back in some time and started again with the task.
“When’s your train?” Lay was drinking water from my bottle(This is worth mentioning, we will talk about this later).
“5:30, I will leave at 4” I replied.
“Enough time, let’s have a game of Counter Strike” Lay said this and he knew that I knew that he is going to say this.
“No, I have to pack my stuff, you can see”I said this and he was expecting this only.
“One game and you are done. There are still 2 hours in 4” he insisted.

“Batman, what are you doing? Can’t you aim?” I shouted in my mic when Nian missed a killing shot and we lost the match.

I was almost done with the packing when Riko came.
“Waiting 4 and 5.” he told about the ticket status.
“Final chart prepared?”
We booked a ticket from Varanasi to Allahabad and then we will go with Jaipur-Allahabad Express.
No delight in the 2-hour journey to Allahabad. We reached ALD on time and waited for the next train.

We felt like the king with seven wives when we came to know that our ticket got a free upgrade and we were going to travel in the Tier-1 AC coach. The word ‘free’ is itself awesome and it is accompanied by ‘upgrade’ here.Cool!
We boarded the train and went to our allotted berths. There were three men sitting and talking. There was a middle-aged half bald guy in front of me, another guy with exceptionally popped out eyes and a normal man going towards his elderly stage. Overhearing their conversation gave us the idea that the bald one was in the military. He was talking about his days in the snow-covered areas etc.
We sat there and I waited for them to leave…

They left after a while. I jumped onto the front berth and relaxed.
“This compartment should be unallocated, it will be private and fun.” I smiled at Riko.
Then the first out of the three( the bald one) came back and sat beside me.
“Going to Jaipur?” he asked us.
“Yes” I replied to the cliche train convo starter question.
“Study there?” he was predicting as was not asking.
“No, home” We said.
“What?” It looked like he didn’t listen.
“We live there, home.”
“Okay, I thought you are going there for coaching as I meet many students traveling to Kota for preparations.” He was dumbstruck when he found out that his predictions were shattered and in fact, some people actually have a home in cities like Jaipur and Kota.
“Allahabad, then?” he was the interviewer from the outer space.
“We came from Varanasi, we study there”
I couldn’t continue the one-liner conversation so I kept shut.
“You both are from Jaipur?”  He can ask anything. It was his job anyway.
“Schooling in Jaipur only?”
“Yeah” I said ‘yeah’ just to avoid sounding like a programmed robot.
“Coaching for JEE or self-study?”
“ALLEN” I said. (ALLEN is never written in small letters, just an observation :P)
“Bansal” Riko missed the next word ‘classes’.
As I had the hint that he is in army, I chose to confirm.
“What do you do?”
“I am in Indian Army”
“After engineering or NDA?” Riko asked a question which made me wonder ‘Is B.tech necessary to join the army?’
“NDA, I joined after 12th grade.”

In between the talk,
“My going-to-be in-laws place is Jaipur.” he told us about his connection with our city.
“When is it going-to-be?” I asked quickly with a smile.
With a wide toothy smile, he said “Towards the end of this year.”


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