Vacations, Are you there?

Everybody needs a break once in a while from what they are doing. Whether it’s a job, hobby, sleeping or nothing. Yes, people need breaks from doing nothing. What do you think of when the word ‘break’ is muttered or shouted before you. Tell me, what comes to your never working old rusty empty bloodless grey brain when it hears ‘break’? And what about ‘break up’? Oh, sorry if it really does make sense to you. Because the latter is not for me. 😛

Okay, taking a break can mean different things to different homo-sapiens. It can be a short walk in that park, a cup of coffee after long hours of work, checking FB, a long walk in that park, a cup of coffee after some work, checking FB second time, a not-so-long-not-so-short walk in the same park, a cup of coffee after no work, checking FB a third….OK, forgive me. It can be anything. What about longer breaks? Are you thinking of cruising off to some remote islands? If you are, you are thinking too much. Longer breaks here point towards Vacations. ‘Vacations are usually spent with family/friends, for the purpose of recreation’. For a student living in another city, Vacations are meant to be spent at home. Because home is…HOME.

The eyes aching because of laptop screens, mobile screens, sunscreens and every other kind of screen suddenly start dreaming about long sleepy nights, comfy bed and a air cooled room. But what when the dream doesn’t come true?
“Wake up, it’s 8 already” Why mom shouts when it is only 7:58?
You are not permitted to sleep.
“Go and get a back cover for my mobile, the old one is damaged.”
“Call the mechanic, the fan is not working properly”
“We will go shopping today” (Shopping for curtains and tea cups)
“Go and get a haircut, you look shabby”
And without counting the days, you find yourself standing at the railway platform waiting for your train to arrive and take you back to the place. Vacations over. Hey, were they there anyway?

Right now, I am in the mid of my holidays and feeling the same way. I am asking out “Hey, Vacations, are you there?”


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