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I am home for the summer. Today’s May 17 and I have just three days more to be at home. Yes, I am going back early. I have an internship at Varnasi. I wanted my summers to be productive, uber productive.
The day before yesterday, I watched the movie ‘American Sniper’. This is not a movie review blog but I’m gonna do it. The movie was G.R.E.A.T. It revolves around the life of SEAL (Sea, Air and Land) member-Chris Kyle. He was an award winning sniper, an asset to the Navy. The film is based on his autobiography of the same name. The story- compelling and awesome. It gives you an view of a militaryman’s life. How he lives, his marriage and family. It is an recommended movie. There is no high end action but it makes you stick to your seat.
Then, I was writing with loud music on the speakers. Yesterday, I started the movie ‘The Silence of the Lambs’. Again, this movie is going amazing in terms of storyline. A thriller clip.
At home, either I am watching a good movie, writing stuff (with loud music), eating or sleeping. That’s all.


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