What’s that one word title. Should I use an interesting title for a blog post which says my vacations are over? No. 😦

Today is 20th May and probably I will be leaving for college today’s evening. My train ticket is till on waitlist WL 14. I want it to get confirmed. Right now, I am relaxing on the bed, surfing the internet. I don’t need to do any packing. I got only one bag. Watched a Justice League animated film yesterday, Woah, it was nice. What a good movie picked I am!!

We got an Email form the institute which the Training and Placement cell got from THE Indian Economist. TIE is an online magazine about technology, business, culture and life. The reviews were great. It is looking for Writing Program Analysts (this is their term for writers, I think :P) who can write crisp articles for the magazine. No dubiety state, I applied straight away. Got back the mail telling me the brief about the job. 😀 I was happy. But I am already so occupied that I cannot take up another job. I have this blog, poems’ place and then…..So, to avoid any mismanagement of time, I have to drop this offer. It’s better to tell early rather than failing to be on your words later.

Anyway, let’s wait for the train. I am coming, Varanasi. 🙂


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