Adapt. Evolve.

“Only the fittest will survive”- originated from the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, the phrase is right in some way. Today is my fifth day in the new hostel. The past feelings of nostalgia and loneliness are gone. I do not have a hand in it, time has. As the environment changes, humans change and adapt.

I have now accustomed to the new hostel, people, mess and life. Really, I have a little problem with anything around. My day starts 5 and ends at 12 in the night.

Still, Patrick and I converse very less. The sentences are mostly necessary ones. He is that type of person. Maybe he opens with time. Maybe not. I can handle every kind. I’m good with him and things are smoothest. I have a lot of free time here, so I have planned many things. Nofat, the exceptionally skinny guy from Civil Engg. is here, Nian is here. Jordon is here too.

On May 16, 2017 I wrote the poem ‘Touch’ for Seasons of life. I sent its publication news as messages in my WhatsApp groups. A senior replied in the Literary Club group and praised the lines of rhyme. He personally messaged me and asked me to meet him. The day before tomorrow, I was in his room. 9PM.
pen and poem

“It’s  been around a year writing poems” he said.
I already had some idea that he is interested in writing, that’s why he called me to meet. He showed me his poems and asked for a review. His last year ended in college, he will leave next month. The one hour conversation we had, told me that he is a nice guy. No arrogance or something, he asked me for reviews and said that I write very well. When I was leaving, he made an offer. “Let’s  write a poem together, we will be great. A mature one”
I never wrote anything with somebody. There was no reason to refuse. I write poems but a collaboration will do no harm. He was excited. I agreed. I will go to him today probably. Let’s see what gets born with minds put together to work. Haha.  🙂


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