Wrapped Up!

The days are lovely. It’s been three days since the last time I faced the hard penetrating sunlight. It is gray sky throughout the day and I like it. One can roam in the city and hangout at places. Only if he/she got time in his little hands. I don’t. I have been really busy and the day ends with a wave. I write articles, design for a company and my internship is there too. All in a day’s work. I need some time management tips.


I wake up at 5 AM, come back after jogging for an hour or so. Take bath, dress up and get to work. My work with Divaswapna is going great. There are only two interns and we have to do everything. Yes, we I manage the content development, design brochures and cards for the company and also some administrative processes. A whole lot of experience. The cloudy weather gave some relief to the heat. Good. 🙂

One thing that is pestering is during the night, insects fly to the room driven by the light. Mostly crickets and they hop around. Yester night, one jumped up to my bed, I was terrified. They look scary. Black. 😐


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