An Adventure-Inducing Day

It’s around a week when the last post hovered around and you clicked it to read the content. And what it was? Just three paragraphs about how busy my life is? Did you even need to know that?

Every day I wake up at 5. Nian and I head straight to the ADV grounds. Okay, there is a left turn involved but our head is straight. We jog for about half an hour with a speed of 13 Km/hr and 2000 steps. I got Google Fit. 🙂
After that, when we are dripped in sweat and I want to take off my t-shirt, which I can’t, there are a lot of old people strolling with their wives/husbands. We go to the Agricultural farms to treat our eyes with some greenery and our body with some cool breeze. it has now become a ritual, every day, without asking or telling each other, our legs take us to the best part of this university campus. Sitting at the Fishpond for 15 minutes and talking about topics that come naturally like Do ducks sleep? When? is really fun. Then I come back, take bath and do my work. I have a lot to do. To save my laptop from my sweat drops which hang at my chin, I go to the library to work. The air-conditioned hall is a boon given by the God to proles like me. I sat there for not two hours but twelve hours and come back to the hostel at dinner time only. And why am I typing my daily routine today? :\

I woke up at 5:05 A.M today. Nian and I walked out of the hostel, for the grounds. No, I am not telling the whole same thing again. A cool wind embraced us. A perfect weather. Clouds covering the only roof over mankind and were about to rain. We jogged along with praising the weather continuously every once in a while. The weather is still lovely and I am planning to go somewhere. As a tourist. The clouds are still there but didn’t rain a drop. Today is the perfect day for visiting places, called ‘Vantotulux’. This day comes every 2 months in my personal life. XD


No, that is not a hurricane, just a cloudy day. I’m still alive. 😀



Let’s have a shower, lunch and I am leaving this four walled labyrinth to go out and have some fun under the gray sky. 🙂 ❤


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