Let the days be like this!

So, the day was adventurous or not? Was it successful in inducing something into my veins or it was all some sort of boasting on a not-too-famous web blog? XD

At 2 PM, after taking bath hastily, I changed clothes, wore jeans for the first time in the last half a month. I have been in college for fifteen days and I was wearing just capris. Yeah, I wore them everywhere, in the campus, in the market, and in the hostel. And T-shirts. That’s why Summers were created by the Almighty. The sole reason why I didn’t wear my favorite burgundy colored Capri is that it was not clean. I HAD to wear Jeans. So, I dressed up and went to Nian’s room. just to ask him if he wants to accompany. I have no problem in traveling alone, in fact, I like it. I love traveling, whether it’s alone or with somebody. Even if he had refused, I wouldn’t have felt anything and would have gone on my own to the place I like. We took an auto to Lanka. And then from Lanka, I asked the driver to drop us at the Varanasi Railway Junction. Oh! We were heading to Shimla. Without tickets and with zero luggage. I wish the last two lines were true. They were not. After half an hour of searching the internet for tourist places in Varanasi, I found out just temples and ghats. All the tourist guide websites just mention the name of every ghat separately to make it a long list of places. Actually, they all are connected, they are a single platform and there is not much to see in this city. Sorry, but it is fun anyway, much or less, it’s awesome. I had finalized a good place out of the 6-7 places I found interesting.

It’s was a long ride to the station. I was sleepy in the taxi and was closing my eyes every now and then. Finally, we were there. And our destination was 1.5 KMs from where we were standing. Nian was looking tired and troubled. And I deliberately said “Man, don’t be like this, I told at the hostel itself, there is no obligation to come with me, I was all fine”. No, I was not indignant, not a bit. I said all this with a laugh. He said nothing. We took another taxi from there as he is against walking, He always is. And I am always on the other side, using my legs as much as I can.

There were messages written on the boundary wall with paint, in Hindi. Messages by the Son of God. He said all the pretty things and were true in this life. We entered the premises through the huge main gate. A great structured building stood in front of us, and in the remaining, green grass.
“I didn’t expect something like this” Nian was being honest this time.
A wide smile spread on my face hearing this. I knew this. The place was grand. And of course, heavenly. 🙂

There were a couple of sandals and slippers kept at the stairs. We put off ours. Spacious and high are the adjectives that would perfectly describe the scene inside the construction. Apparently, there was some work going on, two men were on a high ladder, changing the lights or whatever they were doing.

The red carpet under our feet which started from the stairs and continued all over the chancel’s floor. It was on the podium. On the left, there was the pulpit and in the right, the lectern. And in the center, there was a man. A man crucified to a huge symbol of the god, The Cross. His wrists were nailed to the sides and his left leg was back behind the right one. Both were nailed to the stipe of the Cross. His head hung a little left with a crown of thorns on it. The upper body was naked. It was unusually silent in there as it had been on the Friday of 1st Century Judea.

St. Mary's Church, Varanasi

The Church I visited Yesterday. 🙂


We sat in the pews, on the left side. We looked at the deity in front of us and all around us. There was a family sitting in front of the choir place. And two nuns were sitting on the benches behind them. We sat there for some ten minutes. And in that time what we found out is that if you take gigantic, around 100 feet long knife, and cut the whole building in two halves right from the middle. You will get exact replicas, it was perfectly symmetrical. I have never seen such symmetry. Not just the building, the objects inside it too. The same number of benches in both the left and right pews, the same orientation. The same number of paintings on the walls, facing each other from a distance. There was a clock on the right wall, so there was on the left. There was a switchboard in the left, and an exact same thing on the right. While we were walking, we saw a fire extinguisher just beside the door to the left and there was one on the right side too!!

In the front yard, there were statues depicting the entire story of Jesus’s crucifixion. How he carried the 300 lb wooden artifact on his shoulders and how the Jewish people cried when he was being hanged. One thing we noticed is that on the cross, there were words “I.N.R.I”, the same letters engraved on the cross in the church. I.N.R.I stands for “Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm” which is Latin for “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews”.

At the back, there was Priest’s house. Built in 1968, te paint on a wall said. The Church was constructed in 1810, by the way. The architectural beauty was a pleasure to my eyes.

After spending about 30 minutes at the godly place, we left. I reached the hostel at around 7 PM. I consider yesterday as a day spent well. The weather was awesome and I visited a place which was lovely. 🙂 Let all the days be like this!


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