Gizmo’s been mad.

The last post was 10 days ago. Am I really losing interesting in this blog and gradually decreasing the blog posts? No, not at all. This is my love, I will take it to my grave. Then?

June 10, 2017- Last Saturday

I was sitting in the library again. I sit there every day. I was working on my laptop, designing the brochure for Diavaswapna. That’s not a handy task, I had to send the completed draft that evening. It was 3 in the afternoon. And Zuke!! Gizmo turned off abruptly. No warning or message and in a second it shuttled off to a blank screen. No battery issue, the charger was plugged in already. Did Gizmo die? Perhaps. I tried everything to revive it and nothing worked. I searched the internet for solutions. I found out the method to Reset HP Notebooks. I tried, removed the battery, charger and assembled them again. No avail. Then in the evening, around 5 PM, I called HP India Customer Support. They asked my name, laptop details and transferred the call to the technical assistance representative. I narrated the entire problem to him. And then, the call disconnected, there is a serious problem on the college campus- Mobile Network. Internet speeds suck, calls drop and voice cracks. We can do nothing. I dialed again, some other person took up, asked my name and followed the same procedure and at last said: “Ok, I am transferring your call to the Technical Assistance”. The new person told me some troubleshooting tricks and asked to do as he tells, “Press Windows+B, then F12” “Press the power button and–“. I looked at my phone, no signal. I dialed again, did all that once again, and followed the troubleshooting instructions. Nothing happened to Gizmo. Then he asked me the laptop’s Serial Number and Product ID. I was in the corridor as in the reading room, the signal is extremely low. I ran to the room, turned Gizmo upside down and read the Serial Key. There was no response from the other end. I looked st my phone-No Signal. I was frustrated. I took the laptop with me, went out in the open and dialed again. Gone through all the same things, then at last when nothing could fix Gizmo, the man on the other side asked for my address. He said they will send an engineer to look into the matter. I started “Room No. 85, S.C. De Hostel—” and the call got disconnected. I dialed again, someone else picked up. Asked the same set of questions and then transferred the call, somebody new this time. I was fed up and said, “I have done all the troubleshooting and I was telling my address to Prabhas(the previous representative) and we got disconnected.” Okay, then he noted my address, lodged a complaint. “The engineer will come and see your laptop in next 2 or 3 business days”.

The next day was Sunday. The engineer visited me on Tuesday. He opened up Gizmo, had a look at its internal organs and said: “Kidney Failure (Motherboard faulty), it will be replaced.” He ordered a motherboard from the company as Gizmo is in the warranty period. “When will it be replaced?” “Around 3-4 days, you will get a call when the service center will receive the board” He left me dangling with his words. 4 days are too much, I had work to do. All my work stood still for the days, I had nothing to do. I went up to the library and read the news and magazines. I caught myself reading the book ‘Malgudi Days’ in the air conditioned reading hall. It is a great collection of short stories by R.K. Narayan. There was no call till Friday. On Friday, I got a call in the noon, from the service center. The mechanic reached at 2 PM. He was sitting with Gizmo laid on the table with its contents spread out on the table. He closely examined the motherboard and said:

“An IC circuit is burnt out here, this is damage.”
“So, what? I didn’t do anything” I retorted.
“We can’t replace it without approval. First, the company will approve it and then we can replace the board”
He took some photos of the faulty board and packed Gizmo again.
“We will Email the company, the approval will come by tomorrow and I will come ad replace it before tomorrow evening.”
“No, It can’t be, why the God is doing this?” I yelled in my mind.

And Then, he casually pressed the power button, not knowing the magic he was going to perform. GIZMO MIRACURIOUSLY TURNED ON. The boot screen came up, asked for my password. I entered the password and the desktop screen was in front of me. All the files were there. No difference. He shut down and turned it on again. It did. We did this several times to make sure. And it was working all fine. I was stupefied. He left the place and told me to contact again if some problem shows up again.

I am using it right now since Friday and it is just like it was. Looks like Gizmo wanted me to take a week off from all the stress work, so he just slept, slept deep through the last week.


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