Rain, Rain all the way!

The onset of monsoon in Varanasi is the third week of June every year. We are into it already and the gods are happy too. Today, it rained for the fourth time in the last 10 days and it was a relief to the lasting summer sun. Right now, it’s drizzling outside and I am thinking about going out. I love visiting new places if the weather is favorable. Two days ago, I visited the Methodist Church and St. Mary’s Church, again. I also went to the Bharat Mata Mandir (Mothe India Temple) which is one of its kind in the whole Indian Subcontinent. I completed the book ‘Malgudi Days’ and I will dive into some Hindi literature now, with Premchand’s Gaban being the book.


In another world, Nian is chatting with somebody over Facebook from some days. He is going mad over someone, another case of online addiction or affection or whatever we can call it. It looks like his first time and he is overexcited about everything. He checks his phone every 10 minutes whether we are sitting in a room or playing Basketball in the night. I personally think this kind of online friendship does not lead to anywhere, it goes on for a month and faded away. Let him be, and see what is waiting next!

The blog was lagging behind due to various reasons and now we are back on track. June 24, 2017, here and we are ready to see some heavy showers and nice days.


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