Write, Write.

Most of my day’s time is spent at the Library. I have started liking the place. I feel a stronger connection with books than ever before. There was a time when I used to think that E-Books will take over and they are more preferable. But now, I realized that it was false. Reading a printed novel, turning the pages, and at times breathing in the scent of the pages, no comparison. Books have their own beauty. I was in talks with a senior for a collaboration. He had asked me to write a poem together. Yesterday and Today. We did that, the poem is now almost complete. Just a touch, maybe the day after tomorrow, we will release it. Meanwhile, the poem I wrote “The Kiss” was a hit. Mostly positive reviews and some excellent comments. People liked it. 🙂 Seasons of life saw the highest number of visitors that day-150. And 400 views. That’s just a boom!

Summers are going to end. Maybe a fortnight more. My roommate left for home, right now, I am leaving alone. This week, I realized some things. There are very few good people left. Very less, I should say. People are layered. They are not genuine. Anyway, it’s good to have realizations, sooner or later.

First, I wrote my poem, then the collab project and now, it was too much writing this week. I am thinking about improving myself. I will write regularly. And also read regularly. Stephen Kings says “To write, read. Read a lot.” And he is a great personality. If you are unaware, Google him.

Nothing more special, let’s meet soon again!


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