July, be nice to me!

We are already half way into 2017. June’s gone and today is the first day of July. The weather outside is peaceful and clouds are hovering over. They are staring at the ground, looking for a perfect time to let off the load. I am thinking about going out and have some walk. But I have work to do. At present, many devils are fighting each other trying to convince me with them. One says “Go out and have fun”, another one claims “It’s monsoon, every day is going to be like this, do your work”. And one is confused, just like me. I don’t know what I am gonna do now.

Yesterday, I designed a wallpaper for my laptop which is deliberately about me. I wanted something that sums up my life. It made me feel happy. It is my Facebook Cover now. Yesterday’s evening was also a fine one. I went out to the agricultural fields and sat down beside the Fish Pond. I carried a notebook and a pen. I wrote down the scene in the notebook, in Hindi. I also wrote some poems in Hindi, for the first time. I don’t know about their quality but I am content. Summers are going to end. My internship with Divaswapna too, just 20 more days. Then, the second year of college will begin. I am excited. Let’s wish that July is nice! 🙂


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