Don’t Stop the Rain

I heard my phone ringing. Intuition informed me that it’s early morning. I looked out of the window, in front of my bed’s foot. It was bright. “It must be Mom” I knew it.

We talked for some time. The phone call worked as an alarm. Or I would have been sleeping till 11. It saved my day. I don’t like waking up in the noon. It’s drizzling outside. And the meteorological conditions are cool. Simply, it’s a little lower temperature and I have turned off the cooler and fan. 😛
A good start for a day. I like Rain. Whether it’s morning, afternoon or night. I bumped into Bozo in the washroom. I came to know that the rain started at around 5 AM and it is still continuing. Good. Please don’t stop the rain! It’s monsoon. Yesternight, I was feeling a bit perturbed, I wanted to do something. Read a book or watch a movie. But couldn’t convince me as it was late in the night and had to sleep. But I will watch some anime movies that are on my list in the coming days.  And yes, the name of this post is inspired by a Rihanna song. 😛
Catch you later.


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