Am I that approachable?

I put on my nice indigo suit, paired with my white shirt. Combed my hair and stepped out of my room. Dressed up perfectly like an Interviewee, I reached the Vishwanath Temple (VT), this evening. People were flabbergasted, yeah, they were not surprised, they were flabbergasted. Surprise fails to express their dropped jaws and winking eyes. As soon as they caught me strolling in front of the Temple, they ran towards me. Girls with papers and pens were asking for my Autograph and couples and old people were taking selfies with their smartphones and laptops.

This was how to lie without making anyone suspicious. I took bath at 6 PM in the evening and did it hurriedly as the weather was lovely outside. I wanted to enjoy it. I am talking much about weather these days since Monsoon has started. I dressed up, combed up my hair and left the hostel. I was in my blue buttoned T-shirt and Capri. I reached the place on time. The right time. There was the usual crowd, college-goers eating out, married couples with their kids picnicking and ‘Romeos‘ just sitting and taking note of everybody entering and leaving the gate. The place is more of a picnic spot or tourist spot than a religious building. The gardens in front of it are the ultimate destination for the students as well as the local people to spend their special evenings. The eateries and juice booths complement this.

“So, what will you do, here, now?” My inner voice asked me.
“Oh…Ahem…See, ATM, I will check my account balance.” I got there and stood outside the glass door.
There was a man inside it, apparently, as the time he took to withdraw money, didn’t indicate that he was even a human. In between the long wait, a young girl with her mother came and stood after me. 1 Minute…2 Minutes…A decade later…
“Is anyone in there?” the girl asked me.
“Yeah” I nodded. I both nodded and said “Yeah” at the same time.
“Can’t she see?” my inner voice questioned. I didn’t know the answer. Nobody does. We ask obvious things and we don’t know why. After completing my errand here, I went on the north part. I took out my phone and turned on the data connection. I was going to check my Whatsapp and Instagram. This is also a rarity for me as there is no signal in the hostel. I positioned myself comfortably with my forearms bearing my weight, with the support from the railing beneath. And the phone in my hand. Little later, a guy came and stood beside me. Lean and short, with a bag on his back. He said, “Are you a student of BHU?”
I looked at him, paused for a second and then answered it affirmatively.
“Which Faculty?”
“Actually, I’m from IIT BHU, not BHU”
“Okay…Can I know your name?”
Then, I felt “Why”. Still, I answered him.
“Do you want to do something else alongside with your studies?”
“Something? Like What?” I was puzzled. I had gotten some slight idea but still, I wanted him to clear the air.
“Something you can do with your college”
“Something what? What, exactly?”
He opened his bag and gave me a pamphlet. It was about some training. Some sort of training I don’t know what about. I took a look and returned it.
“So, you saw me standing here alone, and approached me?” I smiled.
“A friend of mine studies in BHU, he’s pursuing B.Sc… I have come to meet him and thought of visiting VT” he said.
I do not know if he made up all that or it was the truth, which is less likely. But that did not answer my question.
“Why lie, man? I know you are doing your job. Just go away, now.” I said to myself silently.
“OK. I’m not interested” I said and looked away. He went away.

I scrolled my smartphone screen a number of times in the next 10 minutes. Then, I just started dawdling around, observing people. I saw two old women eating samosas, people with their families and guys on bikes.
“No, I don’t want to, I don’t feel like it now” a girl in black-red clothes cried out, went and sat down under a tree. The guy stood there froze for some seconds and then, with a sad face went after her. He sat beside her and started talking.
“Haha, What a nuisance, it’s good to be single than handling such things” I laughed to myself and walked ahead.

I was on the road, headed towards the hostel. There, outside the Temple, a guy said: “Excuse Me”. I turned at him, he was wearing wide specs and was medium-height, yellow t-shirt. He looked like a college student.
“Is this the biggest market here?”
“Yes…What kind of market?” That was an uncommon question, nobody calls VT a market.
“Like a place to eat or something?” he tried to clarify.
“Umm…Yes, there are some at a crossing called Limbdi Corner too. Not bigger than this, though.” I said to him.
“Okay. Are you a student here?”
“How far is it (LC)?” he asked.
“Not too much, walking distance.”
“Are you a tourist?”
“Sort of.” After a pause, he said “I’m from KGP, was in Varanasi for a day, so, I thought of checking IIT BHU if it’s better than KGP or not” he smiled.
“Oh.” I was taken aback. I was expecting this.
“Which year?” he asked.
“Completed or..?”
“Going to start,” I replied.
“Which year are you in?” I asked.
“Fifth,” he said.
“Okay. Where are the departments and all other offices?” he continued.
“Straight after the crossing”, I pointed my hand.
We parted. I started walking on my way. When I reached IIT Chauraha, I turned back to see if he is coming? He was not. I reached the hostel at 8 PM.

So, you must have gotten the name of this post, now. It’s 2 A.M right now and I am a bit sleepy. Catch you later!


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