Days like this…

It’s been an hour and the downpour hasn’t yet stopped. It suddenly started raining. I was sitting in my room, was listening to some music then. Since when I woke up I was thinking about going out. Days like this call me. I can’t be sitting in my room, surfing the net or playing games. I like to roam, see places and have fun. It’s rainy season, so most of the days are going to be like this. And I will feel this urge every day. But it started raining, but this didn’t cease my thoughts. I will wait, it will be over in an hour or so. I will go out, then. I am hoping it to stop. This wanderlust aroused in my heart last year when I traveled to Chandrapur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Rajkot in a week. I fell in love with traveling.

Let’s see whether the Rain God mercies me or not. 🙂


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