Rainy day = Travel.

Everybody loves rain or says this. No one bluntly denies this fact. They love it or had loved in past, just like their ex. I have always liked it since my childhood. When I lived in Ahmedabad, I used to watch the rain from the balcony. And occasionally extended my arm into the open. And in Jaipur, whatever I may be doing, I get up and run to the front yard and stand there, watching it pour.

I still love it. Whether I am working on my laptop or reading a book, I open the door and stand in the corridor to gaze at the falling drops. And in college, this year, I am falling more and more in love with it. This season, it’s a boon for me. Varanasi witnesses a great monsoon, this year also it is extraordinary. I haven’t seen the sun for last four days. It rains every single day.

The day before Yesterday, July 04, 2017, 06:00 PM

I took bath and decided to go out. I always feel like going out when it’s a shady, rainy day. We have always heard that the Rain spoils people’s outing and picnic plans. They , then, play board games with their friends. But not with me. I love to travel on such a day. I walked slowly to the DG corner and waited there. I hitchhike in the campus usually. I stood there and showed a thumb to every single motorcycle rider. After some minutes, a guy stopped in front of me. I sat behind him. It’s 3 KM ride to the University Main Gate. Halfway through, he asked me
“Are you in a hurry? Should we go fast?”
“No, no problem,” I replied as politely as I could to reciprocate his courteousness.
I peeped at the speedometer to check the speed. We were going at 29 KM/hr, that’s pretty slow.

“He is dropping me to my place and even then asking if it’s okay?So polite” I thought to myself.
“Where do you live?Home?”
“Umm…I live in College Hostel.” I said confused.
“I mean, where are you from?”
“Oh,” he continued “What was your percentage in 12th?”
I told him and he told me about his sister who cleared 12th this year with a good percentage. Higher than me. 😛
“I am going to Sunderlal Hospital” (University gate is 300 meters from the hospital)
“No problem,” I said.
“Where are you heading?”
“Durga Kund”
When we reached Sunderlal, he stopped the bike. I got down but as soon as I did
“C’mon, sit back. I will drop you at the gate.”
“No, I will walk” I tried.
“C’mon, sit back”
I sat down again and he dropped me at my place. I said “Thanks, man”. He showed a wide smile and drove away.

I walked my way to the Tulsi Manas Mandir at Durga Kund. It was drizzling but I was not aware of it till I reached the Temple and saw the drops on the floor. I entered the Temple. The temple is constructed in white marble. This temple has great historical and cultural importance in Hinduism since the ancient Hindu epic Ramcharitmanas was originally written at this place by Hindu poet-saint, reformer, and philosopher Goswami Tulsidas in the 16th century. Verses from the scripture are engraved on the walls inside the temple building.

The temple is a place to visit if you are in Varanasi. It’s more like a museum. There are not only statues of the deities, there are miniature scenes depicting the stories of their lives. Models made out of clay and wood. Some of them moved too. The wooden models moved their heads, played instruments and also waved at the devotees. Cool!


Tulsi Manas Temple



After done with it, I headed straight to Assi Ghat. I wanted to witness the most favorite place of Varanasi in rain. I wanted to check if the Ganges is full of water or not? I wanted to check how much I loved the place in the rain?
The place was lively with visitors and local people. There were college students, foreigners, and devotees. Everybody loves such evenings. I strolled on the ghats for about half an hour. There was some music and dance performance was going on, on Tulsi Ghat. I walked back to Assi after some time. It was getting dark. I found the time to be 7 PM. Ganga Aarti was to be done, I didn’t how long would I have to wait, I needed to get back to hostel before 8 PM.
“Anyway, I have seen it so many times, I live here. It’s a sight for the tourists” I convinced myself to go back to the hostel. So, I walked back.

I reached my room at 7:50 PM.

Today is a rainy day too. It rained for about two hours in the afternoon. And it’s raining right now! Monsoon is pretty good here, in Varanasi. The weather forecast shows this:



It’s a week of Rain!!!



It is soggy and wet all the day.  The road never got dry in the last three days. The clouds pour down every 6 hours or even less. I woke up at 10 AM today and I woke up to the sound of rain. Now, I am going to sleep and that too, to the sound of rain. 🙂 ❤


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