GOT Madness starts again!

Today’s July 14, 2017, and I am sitting in my room. Sun gone, 06:30 PM. Many people and my friends are waiting for July 16. No, they don’t have their birthdays on the same day by some exceptional coincidence nor they have an anniversary. Game of Thrones Season 7 is going to start from July 16. And the show has some die hard fans. People are waiting since 2016 for the season. It looks like that it has gripped their minds. They just praise it, no one objects. But here I am, waiting for July 19. The day I will board the train back to my home. I will go home on that day. I am excited and waiting eagerly for it. I am not excited for GOT, the reason is simple- I never watched it. Yes, I am an alien. I am not from this planet if you are thinking like this, it’s totally acceptable. I never watched a single episode. I have heard my friends going mad telling me that it’s mind-blowingly amazing! I accept that without evidence but I couldn’t convince myself to sit in front of my laptop for 60 hours (6 seasons) and watch a TV show. I find Movies a better choice. At least, in the three hours, there is a conclusion.

Let’s see when do I turn into a socially acceptable college student. XD


One thought on “GOT Madness starts again!

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