A Few Good People

The Saturday before the last Saturday. I was having a headache all day long and fever in the night. It started on Friday with a headache in the night. I visited the Student Health Care Complex on Saturday morning. The doctor called it viral fever and prescribed me the medications. I came back. I took the medicines. It was a three-day course.  After three days, it was a little bit better. Just a bit. It was not enough for me to work normally and roam around. For the three days, I was sleeping on the bed, morning, noon and dark. I didn’t want the same for the next three days. I went to the Hospital on Monday morning. The doctor changed the medicines and asked me to go for a check-up at the Health Complex. The tests were CBC, Dengue and one something that I don’t know. I have to get to the Health Complex from the hospital. I came out of the hospital premises and stood there for a taxi. In a few minutes, it started drizzling. I was not carrying an umbrella. I walked hastily and stood under a tree to save myself. I couldn’t afford to get wet in the shower. My head was already hurting and the fever. An unexpected cold shower could worsen such situation. The rain gained momentum with time. I steadily looked at the road for relief. There! A taxi was coming down my way, I waved my hand and it got past me. I was disappointed. After a while, I started asking for a life. Nobody stopped on their way.
“Usually, some people stop by in a few seconds, what’s going on?” I thought. It was about 7-8 minutes, I got no ride.

I was looking at the people walking on the street with umbrellas. Office goers with their black ones, some with blue. Girls with their printed ones. I was asking every passerby “Can I join you under the umbrella?” but in my head only.  A man about forty was riding a cycle when the rain drops turned round and heavy. He stopped, parked his bicycle under the tree and stood beside me. He looked at me. I looked at him.
“If you are in need of shelter, think about the old people.” he said to me.
I had no answer for this. None. I kept silent, it was not meant to be answered, I think. He saw me waving at taxis and people. When a taxi passed, he stepped ahead and waved at it. It was occupied. He was helping me. I was pleased in an uncommon manner. When we both were done and no one lifted me up,
“Where are you going?” he asked me.
“Health Care Complex” I replied.
“Where is it? The next crossing?”
“The next to next crossing, in front of Broacha Hostel”
“C’mon, I will drop you” he sat on his bicycle.



I was stood there like surprised. A man with his cycle was asking me to sit behind him and was going to drop me to my place which is about 1 KM.
“No, I will get one (taxi) in some time” I politely said.
“The rain has stopped, sit, it may start again.” he smiled.
I sat on the back seat. He started paddling. I was feeling very strange. Something like this was unforeseen.
“The people on bikes and motors didn’t stop for a lift and this man gave me a lift on his cycle.” I wondered.
Few moments and a crossing later “Drop me here, I will manage” I said as I didn’t want to tire him.
“What if the rain starts again while you are standing here?”
I couldn’t say anything. I kept mum for the rest of the time, still in a state of awed wonderment.
He dropped me at the Health Complex and I went in for my check-up. I called home after getting back to the hostel. I shared my surprising story and felt good.


The Same Evening, 4:40 PM

I was asked to collect the blood test reports after 4 PM in the evening. So, I locked my room and headed to the Health Complex. In the first try, I got a taxi. I sat and told my destination. He drove to the destination. I asked for the fare.
“Go, I was already going to VT” he said and went on. (VT is adjacent to the Health Care Complex)
“Okay” I walked in the Health Complex, collected my reports and got back to the hostel. Told this again to Mom.

So, the world is not all about money, trade, terrorism, cheating, and crime. It is not what is seen in the news and media. It is not what it is not seen in the media. It is something else. Not all the humanity has died. There are still some good people left. And I realized this in a day. Even a second is enough!


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