Home Sweet Home IX

I boarded the train to Jaipur from Varanasi on July 19. I left the hostel at around 04:15 PM. The train’s departure time was 05:25 PM. Half an hour is the time it takes to reach the Railway Station from the University. But after all, it is Varanasi. There can be a traffic jam anywhere anytime. So, one should keep half an hour extra on hand. I know this very well. Read “Travel…” if you haven’t already. It was a terrifying experience, I remember it every time I am close to getting late to the station. But this time I reached on time. I checked my seat number and went to it. I pushed my bag under the berth and sat comfortably. The train departed fifteen minutes later. So, here I was, heading home again. This time I badly wanted to reach home as soon as possible. The fever a week before had turned me homesick. Since that day, I was counting the days.

The train was late as it usually is. The expected time of arrival was around 3 PM. I had woken up at 8 and there was plenty of time on my hands. I took out my book ‘The old man and the sea’ and started reading it. It is a short novel and I wanted to read it. It took me about two and half hours to complete it. Still, there were two hours till home. Lately, I have been reading very much. So, I took out my phone and started reading the novel ‘A walk to Remember’ by Nicholas Sparks. I found it interesting and also amusing at times. I am through a quarter of it and it is going well. I will complete it soon. Today, I read the news about Chester Bennington’s death. He was the lead singer in Linkin Park. I liked LP’s music since I was 13 years old. It introduced me to alternative rock when I was in school. I felt bad after this news. His songs will be there, inspiring everyone, always.

At home, everything is perfect. My plan is to stay here for 10 days before I go to college and continue with the next semester. 🙂


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