Technology- Mankind’s End!

As technology develops, so do our lives. We are now inhabiting the world where technology enhances and integrates with most aspects of our lives. We can now send and receive information from any corner of this planet. We can control most of the things using technology. Gadgets are getting smarter day by day. Nuclear weapons are being developed and Artificial Intelligence is the newly found advancement. But these are not the reasons to fear. Okay, they are threatening but not the end. Movies and Media show us that A.I. will take over the world and humans will serve as slaves or some nuclear power will destroy other countries. It will take decades to reach that stage but there are many other alarming things we should worry about. Let’s dive further:

July 26, 2017, 7:30 A.M

I was done with my morning rituals and was reading the newspaper. Almost half an hour later, I was done with the day’s paper and checked my smartphone. It turned into a giant made of scrap and tried to kill me. I wish things could be that obvious. There was a message from Raul07. We had talked about playing Counter Strike together some days ago. It was presumably about it. He asked me to go over to his place. In an hour. Usually, we do not start our days with gaming but I have no problem. He had to go to the Hospital if summoned. He is an intern at a medical school, I don’t know what we call medico interns but he is on his way to being a doctor. Anyway, I decided in favor. I had some chores to do before it.

I dropped the scooter at the service center and walked to Raul07’s house from there. By the time, I reached there it was 10 A.M. First, we had to design an invitation card for a function. It was meant ot be in Hindi and I already knew that either I was going to struggle through it or end with a messed up design. I had designed an invitation for a friend in Hindi before and it was horrible. But, I couldn’t tell him so and we started off. It took us two hours to make a simple looking yet good design. It was not that awesome but satisfactory. Then, we headed upstairs. Next thing was to play the game as it was planned. It had been weeks since the last time I played the game with my wingmates in the college hostel.

In the hostel, we used to play it on the LAN server as we all are connected to the same network. But here we have to make a server. The way was to connect to the same Wi-Fi. I created a mobile hotspot using my phone and we both connected our laptops to it. Let me mention, before we prepared all this, the game was transferred to his laptop and the installation process took around 10 minutes. The added nuisance we were indulging in made it half an hour. I started the game and created the server. He opened his game and tried to connect. It showed “No lobbies..”, that was some error message. No problem. There is nothing in this world which is that easy. I created the host server using his laptop and tried to connect. Some other message was displayed on the screen. Okay, let’s try one more time. I changed the IPv4 settings on both the laptops. I chose the AUTO option on both and tried again to connect in the game. Failed. There is not a sure way to connect the game, in the hostel, we just change the host PC and it works. But here, sitting in the room were only two people with two laptops which apparently refused to co-operate


Then, I changed the IPs, maybe that would work. After setting up on both the machines, we tried again. “Retrying public XXX.XXX” “Connection failed after 10 retries” this is a common problem while we try to play. And the reasons and resolutions are still unknown. By this time, we had lost our hope. Everything we tried was failing miserably and we were tired out. But we pushed ourselves citing “One last time”. The “one more time” was more than 5 times and we were nowhere. It was 2 P.M. Yes, get yourself into believing that we tried connecting the game on LAN for two long hours. The tiresome environment and the consecutive failures were leading us into a gory depression.

To Be Continued…


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