Days like this…

It’s been an hour and the downpour hasn’t yet stopped. It suddenly started raining. I was sitting in my room, was listening to some music then. Since when I woke up I was thinking about going out. Days like this call me. I can’t be sitting in my room, surfing the net or playing games. I like to roam, see places and have fun. It’s rainy season, so most of the days are going to be like this. And I will feel this urge every day. But it started raining, but this didn’t cease my thoughts. I will wait, it will be over in an hour or so. I will go out, then. I am hoping it to stop. This wanderlust aroused in my heart last year when I traveled to Chandrapur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Rajkot in a week. I fell in love with traveling.

Let’s see whether the Rain God mercies me or not. 🙂

Am I that approachable?

I put on my nice indigo suit, paired with my white shirt. Combed my hair and stepped out of my room. Dressed up perfectly like an Interviewee, I reached the Vishwanath Temple (VT), this evening. People were flabbergasted, yeah, they were not surprised, they were flabbergasted. Surprise fails to express their dropped jaws and winking eyes. As soon as they caught me strolling in front of the Temple, they ran towards me. Girls with papers and pens were asking for my Autograph and couples and old people were taking selfies with their smartphones and laptops.

This was how to lie without making anyone suspicious. I took bath at 6 PM in the evening and did it hurriedly as the weather was lovely outside. I wanted to enjoy it. I am talking much about weather these days since Monsoon has started. I dressed up, combed up my hair and left the hostel. I was in my blue buttoned T-shirt and Capri. I reached the place on time. The right time. There was the usual crowd, college-goers eating out, married couples with their kids picnicking and ‘Romeos‘ just sitting and taking note of everybody entering and leaving the gate. The place is more of a picnic spot or tourist spot than a religious building. The gardens in front of it are the ultimate destination for the students as well as the local people to spend their special evenings. The eateries and juice booths complement this.

“So, what will you do, here, now?” My inner voice asked me.
“Oh…Ahem…See, ATM, I will check my account balance.” I got there and stood outside the glass door.
There was a man inside it, apparently, as the time he took to withdraw money, didn’t indicate that he was even a human. In between the long wait, a young girl with her mother came and stood after me. 1 Minute…2 Minutes…A decade later…
“Is anyone in there?” the girl asked me.
“Yeah” I nodded. I both nodded and said “Yeah” at the same time.
“Can’t she see?” my inner voice questioned. I didn’t know the answer. Nobody does. We ask obvious things and we don’t know why. After completing my errand here, I went on the north part. I took out my phone and turned on the data connection. I was going to check my Whatsapp and Instagram. This is also a rarity for me as there is no signal in the hostel. I positioned myself comfortably with my forearms bearing my weight, with the support from the railing beneath. And the phone in my hand. Little later, a guy came and stood beside me. Lean and short, with a bag on his back. He said, “Are you a student of BHU?”
I looked at him, paused for a second and then answered it affirmatively.
“Which Faculty?”
“Actually, I’m from IIT BHU, not BHU”
“Okay…Can I know your name?”
Then, I felt “Why”. Still, I answered him.
“Do you want to do something else alongside with your studies?”
“Something? Like What?” I was puzzled. I had gotten some slight idea but still, I wanted him to clear the air.
“Something you can do with your college”
“Something what? What, exactly?”
He opened his bag and gave me a pamphlet. It was about some training. Some sort of training I don’t know what about. I took a look and returned it.
“So, you saw me standing here alone, and approached me?” I smiled.
“A friend of mine studies in BHU, he’s pursuing B.Sc… I have come to meet him and thought of visiting VT” he said.
I do not know if he made up all that or it was the truth, which is less likely. But that did not answer my question.
“Why lie, man? I know you are doing your job. Just go away, now.” I said to myself silently.
“OK. I’m not interested” I said and looked away. He went away.

I scrolled my smartphone screen a number of times in the next 10 minutes. Then, I just started dawdling around, observing people. I saw two old women eating samosas, people with their families and guys on bikes.
“No, I don’t want to, I don’t feel like it now” a girl in black-red clothes cried out, went and sat down under a tree. The guy stood there froze for some seconds and then, with a sad face went after her. He sat beside her and started talking.
“Haha, What a nuisance, it’s good to be single than handling such things” I laughed to myself and walked ahead.

I was on the road, headed towards the hostel. There, outside the Temple, a guy said: “Excuse Me”. I turned at him, he was wearing wide specs and was medium-height, yellow t-shirt. He looked like a college student.
“Is this the biggest market here?”
“Yes…What kind of market?” That was an uncommon question, nobody calls VT a market.
“Like a place to eat or something?” he tried to clarify.
“Umm…Yes, there are some at a crossing called Limbdi Corner too. Not bigger than this, though.” I said to him.
“Okay. Are you a student here?”
“How far is it (LC)?” he asked.
“Not too much, walking distance.”
“Are you a tourist?”
“Sort of.” After a pause, he said “I’m from KGP, was in Varanasi for a day, so, I thought of checking IIT BHU if it’s better than KGP or not” he smiled.
“Oh.” I was taken aback. I was expecting this.
“Which year?” he asked.
“Completed or..?”
“Going to start,” I replied.
“Which year are you in?” I asked.
“Fifth,” he said.
“Okay. Where are the departments and all other offices?” he continued.
“Straight after the crossing”, I pointed my hand.
We parted. I started walking on my way. When I reached IIT Chauraha, I turned back to see if he is coming? He was not. I reached the hostel at 8 PM.

So, you must have gotten the name of this post, now. It’s 2 A.M right now and I am a bit sleepy. Catch you later!

Don’t Stop the Rain

I heard my phone ringing. Intuition informed me that it’s early morning. I looked out of the window, in front of my bed’s foot. It was bright. “It must be Mom” I knew it.

We talked for some time. The phone call worked as an alarm. Or I would have been sleeping till 11. It saved my day. I don’t like waking up in the noon. It’s drizzling outside. And the meteorological conditions are cool. Simply, it’s a little lower temperature and I have turned off the cooler and fan. 😛
A good start for a day. I like Rain. Whether it’s morning, afternoon or night. I bumped into Bozo in the washroom. I came to know that the rain started at around 5 AM and it is still continuing. Good. Please don’t stop the rain! It’s monsoon. Yesternight, I was feeling a bit perturbed, I wanted to do something. Read a book or watch a movie. But couldn’t convince me as it was late in the night and had to sleep. But I will watch some anime movies that are on my list in the coming days.  And yes, the name of this post is inspired by a Rihanna song. 😛
Catch you later.

July, be nice to me!

We are already half way into 2017. June’s gone and today is the first day of July. The weather outside is peaceful and clouds are hovering over. They are staring at the ground, looking for a perfect time to let off the load. I am thinking about going out and have some walk. But I have work to do. At present, many devils are fighting each other trying to convince me with them. One says “Go out and have fun”, another one claims “It’s monsoon, every day is going to be like this, do your work”. And one is confused, just like me. I don’t know what I am gonna do now.

Yesterday, I designed a wallpaper for my laptop which is deliberately about me. I wanted something that sums up my life. It made me feel happy. It is my Facebook Cover now. Yesterday’s evening was also a fine one. I went out to the agricultural fields and sat down beside the Fish Pond. I carried a notebook and a pen. I wrote down the scene in the notebook, in Hindi. I also wrote some poems in Hindi, for the first time. I don’t know about their quality but I am content. Summers are going to end. My internship with Divaswapna too, just 20 more days. Then, the second year of college will begin. I am excited. Let’s wish that July is nice! 🙂

Write, Write.

Most of my day’s time is spent at the Library. I have started liking the place. I feel a stronger connection with books than ever before. There was a time when I used to think that E-Books will take over and they are more preferable. But now, I realized that it was false. Reading a printed novel, turning the pages, and at times breathing in the scent of the pages, no comparison. Books have their own beauty. I was in talks with a senior for a collaboration. He had asked me to write a poem together. Yesterday and Today. We did that, the poem is now almost complete. Just a touch, maybe the day after tomorrow, we will release it. Meanwhile, the poem I wrote “The Kiss” was a hit. Mostly positive reviews and some excellent comments. People liked it. 🙂 Seasons of life saw the highest number of visitors that day-150. And 400 views. That’s just a boom!

Summers are going to end. Maybe a fortnight more. My roommate left for home, right now, I am leaving alone. This week, I realized some things. There are very few good people left. Very less, I should say. People are layered. They are not genuine. Anyway, it’s good to have realizations, sooner or later.

First, I wrote my poem, then the collab project and now, it was too much writing this week. I am thinking about improving myself. I will write regularly. And also read regularly. Stephen Kings says “To write, read. Read a lot.” And he is a great personality. If you are unaware, Google him.

Nothing more special, let’s meet soon again!

Rain, Rain all the way!

The onset of monsoon in Varanasi is the third week of June every year. We are into it already and the gods are happy too. Today, it rained for the fourth time in the last 10 days and it was a relief to the lasting summer sun. Right now, it’s drizzling outside and I am thinking about going out. I love visiting new places if the weather is favorable. Two days ago, I visited the Methodist Church and St. Mary’s Church, again. I also went to the Bharat Mata Mandir (Mothe India Temple) which is one of its kind in the whole Indian Subcontinent. I completed the book ‘Malgudi Days’ and I will dive into some Hindi literature now, with Premchand’s Gaban being the book.


In another world, Nian is chatting with somebody over Facebook from some days. He is going mad over someone, another case of online addiction or affection or whatever we can call it. It looks like his first time and he is overexcited about everything. He checks his phone every 10 minutes whether we are sitting in a room or playing Basketball in the night. I personally think this kind of online friendship does not lead to anywhere, it goes on for a month and faded away. Let him be, and see what is waiting next!

The blog was lagging behind due to various reasons and now we are back on track. June 24, 2017, here and we are ready to see some heavy showers and nice days.

Gizmo’s been mad.

The last post was 10 days ago. Am I really losing interesting in this blog and gradually decreasing the blog posts? No, not at all. This is my love, I will take it to my grave. Then?

June 10, 2017- Last Saturday

I was sitting in the library again. I sit there every day. I was working on my laptop, designing the brochure for Diavaswapna. That’s not a handy task, I had to send the completed draft that evening. It was 3 in the afternoon. And Zuke!! Gizmo turned off abruptly. No warning or message and in a second it shuttled off to a blank screen. No battery issue, the charger was plugged in already. Did Gizmo die? Perhaps. I tried everything to revive it and nothing worked. I searched the internet for solutions. I found out the method to Reset HP Notebooks. I tried, removed the battery, charger and assembled them again. No avail. Then in the evening, around 5 PM, I called HP India Customer Support. They asked my name, laptop details and transferred the call to the technical assistance representative. I narrated the entire problem to him. And then, the call disconnected, there is a serious problem on the college campus- Mobile Network. Internet speeds suck, calls drop and voice cracks. We can do nothing. I dialed again, some other person took up, asked my name and followed the same procedure and at last said: “Ok, I am transferring your call to the Technical Assistance”. The new person told me some troubleshooting tricks and asked to do as he tells, “Press Windows+B, then F12” “Press the power button and–“. I looked at my phone, no signal. I dialed again, did all that once again, and followed the troubleshooting instructions. Nothing happened to Gizmo. Then he asked me the laptop’s Serial Number and Product ID. I was in the corridor as in the reading room, the signal is extremely low. I ran to the room, turned Gizmo upside down and read the Serial Key. There was no response from the other end. I looked st my phone-No Signal. I was frustrated. I took the laptop with me, went out in the open and dialed again. Gone through all the same things, then at last when nothing could fix Gizmo, the man on the other side asked for my address. He said they will send an engineer to look into the matter. I started “Room No. 85, S.C. De Hostel—” and the call got disconnected. I dialed again, someone else picked up. Asked the same set of questions and then transferred the call, somebody new this time. I was fed up and said, “I have done all the troubleshooting and I was telling my address to Prabhas(the previous representative) and we got disconnected.” Okay, then he noted my address, lodged a complaint. “The engineer will come and see your laptop in next 2 or 3 business days”.

The next day was Sunday. The engineer visited me on Tuesday. He opened up Gizmo, had a look at its internal organs and said: “Kidney Failure (Motherboard faulty), it will be replaced.” He ordered a motherboard from the company as Gizmo is in the warranty period. “When will it be replaced?” “Around 3-4 days, you will get a call when the service center will receive the board” He left me dangling with his words. 4 days are too much, I had work to do. All my work stood still for the days, I had nothing to do. I went up to the library and read the news and magazines. I caught myself reading the book ‘Malgudi Days’ in the air conditioned reading hall. It is a great collection of short stories by R.K. Narayan. There was no call till Friday. On Friday, I got a call in the noon, from the service center. The mechanic reached at 2 PM. He was sitting with Gizmo laid on the table with its contents spread out on the table. He closely examined the motherboard and said:

“An IC circuit is burnt out here, this is damage.”
“So, what? I didn’t do anything” I retorted.
“We can’t replace it without approval. First, the company will approve it and then we can replace the board”
He took some photos of the faulty board and packed Gizmo again.
“We will Email the company, the approval will come by tomorrow and I will come ad replace it before tomorrow evening.”
“No, It can’t be, why the God is doing this?” I yelled in my mind.

And Then, he casually pressed the power button, not knowing the magic he was going to perform. GIZMO MIRACURIOUSLY TURNED ON. The boot screen came up, asked for my password. I entered the password and the desktop screen was in front of me. All the files were there. No difference. He shut down and turned it on again. It did. We did this several times to make sure. And it was working all fine. I was stupefied. He left the place and told me to contact again if some problem shows up again.

I am using it right now since Friday and it is just like it was. Looks like Gizmo wanted me to take a week off from all the stress work, so he just slept, slept deep through the last week.

Let the days be like this!

So, the day was adventurous or not? Was it successful in inducing something into my veins or it was all some sort of boasting on a not-too-famous web blog? XD

At 2 PM, after taking bath hastily, I changed clothes, wore jeans for the first time in the last half a month. I have been in college for fifteen days and I was wearing just capris. Yeah, I wore them everywhere, in the campus, in the market, and in the hostel. And T-shirts. That’s why Summers were created by the Almighty. The sole reason why I didn’t wear my favorite burgundy colored Capri is that it was not clean. I HAD to wear Jeans. So, I dressed up and went to Nian’s room. just to ask him if he wants to accompany. I have no problem in traveling alone, in fact, I like it. I love traveling, whether it’s alone or with somebody. Even if he had refused, I wouldn’t have felt anything and would have gone on my own to the place I like. We took an auto to Lanka. And then from Lanka, I asked the driver to drop us at the Varanasi Railway Junction. Oh! We were heading to Shimla. Without tickets and with zero luggage. I wish the last two lines were true. They were not. After half an hour of searching the internet for tourist places in Varanasi, I found out just temples and ghats. All the tourist guide websites just mention the name of every ghat separately to make it a long list of places. Actually, they all are connected, they are a single platform and there is not much to see in this city. Sorry, but it is fun anyway, much or less, it’s awesome. I had finalized a good place out of the 6-7 places I found interesting.

It’s was a long ride to the station. I was sleepy in the taxi and was closing my eyes every now and then. Finally, we were there. And our destination was 1.5 KMs from where we were standing. Nian was looking tired and troubled. And I deliberately said “Man, don’t be like this, I told at the hostel itself, there is no obligation to come with me, I was all fine”. No, I was not indignant, not a bit. I said all this with a laugh. He said nothing. We took another taxi from there as he is against walking, He always is. And I am always on the other side, using my legs as much as I can.

There were messages written on the boundary wall with paint, in Hindi. Messages by the Son of God. He said all the pretty things and were true in this life. We entered the premises through the huge main gate. A great structured building stood in front of us, and in the remaining, green grass.
“I didn’t expect something like this” Nian was being honest this time.
A wide smile spread on my face hearing this. I knew this. The place was grand. And of course, heavenly. 🙂

There were a couple of sandals and slippers kept at the stairs. We put off ours. Spacious and high are the adjectives that would perfectly describe the scene inside the construction. Apparently, there was some work going on, two men were on a high ladder, changing the lights or whatever they were doing.

The red carpet under our feet which started from the stairs and continued all over the chancel’s floor. It was on the podium. On the left, there was the pulpit and in the right, the lectern. And in the center, there was a man. A man crucified to a huge symbol of the god, The Cross. His wrists were nailed to the sides and his left leg was back behind the right one. Both were nailed to the stipe of the Cross. His head hung a little left with a crown of thorns on it. The upper body was naked. It was unusually silent in there as it had been on the Friday of 1st Century Judea.

St. Mary's Church, Varanasi

The Church I visited Yesterday. 🙂


We sat in the pews, on the left side. We looked at the deity in front of us and all around us. There was a family sitting in front of the choir place. And two nuns were sitting on the benches behind them. We sat there for some ten minutes. And in that time what we found out is that if you take gigantic, around 100 feet long knife, and cut the whole building in two halves right from the middle. You will get exact replicas, it was perfectly symmetrical. I have never seen such symmetry. Not just the building, the objects inside it too. The same number of benches in both the left and right pews, the same orientation. The same number of paintings on the walls, facing each other from a distance. There was a clock on the right wall, so there was on the left. There was a switchboard in the left, and an exact same thing on the right. While we were walking, we saw a fire extinguisher just beside the door to the left and there was one on the right side too!!

In the front yard, there were statues depicting the entire story of Jesus’s crucifixion. How he carried the 300 lb wooden artifact on his shoulders and how the Jewish people cried when he was being hanged. One thing we noticed is that on the cross, there were words “I.N.R.I”, the same letters engraved on the cross in the church. I.N.R.I stands for “Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm” which is Latin for “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews”.

At the back, there was Priest’s house. Built in 1968, te paint on a wall said. The Church was constructed in 1810, by the way. The architectural beauty was a pleasure to my eyes.

After spending about 30 minutes at the godly place, we left. I reached the hostel at around 7 PM. I consider yesterday as a day spent well. The weather was awesome and I visited a place which was lovely. 🙂 Let all the days be like this!
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An Adventure-Inducing Day

It’s around a week when the last post hovered around and you clicked it to read the content. And what it was? Just three paragraphs about how busy my life is? Did you even need to know that?

Every day I wake up at 5. Nian and I head straight to the ADV grounds. Okay, there is a left turn involved but our head is straight. We jog for about half an hour with a speed of 13 Km/hr and 2000 steps. I got Google Fit. 🙂
After that, when we are dripped in sweat and I want to take off my t-shirt, which I can’t, there are a lot of old people strolling with their wives/husbands. We go to the Agricultural farms to treat our eyes with some greenery and our body with some cool breeze. it has now become a ritual, every day, without asking or telling each other, our legs take us to the best part of this university campus. Sitting at the Fishpond for 15 minutes and talking about topics that come naturally like Do ducks sleep? When? is really fun. Then I come back, take bath and do my work. I have a lot to do. To save my laptop from my sweat drops which hang at my chin, I go to the library to work. The air-conditioned hall is a boon given by the God to proles like me. I sat there for not two hours but twelve hours and come back to the hostel at dinner time only. And why am I typing my daily routine today? :\

I woke up at 5:05 A.M today. Nian and I walked out of the hostel, for the grounds. No, I am not telling the whole same thing again. A cool wind embraced us. A perfect weather. Clouds covering the only roof over mankind and were about to rain. We jogged along with praising the weather continuously every once in a while. The weather is still lovely and I am planning to go somewhere. As a tourist. The clouds are still there but didn’t rain a drop. Today is the perfect day for visiting places, called ‘Vantotulux’. This day comes every 2 months in my personal life. XD


No, that is not a hurricane, just a cloudy day. I’m still alive. 😀



Let’s have a shower, lunch and I am leaving this four walled labyrinth to go out and have some fun under the gray sky. 🙂 ❤

Wrapped Up!

The days are lovely. It’s been three days since the last time I faced the hard penetrating sunlight. It is gray sky throughout the day and I like it. One can roam in the city and hangout at places. Only if he/she got time in his little hands. I don’t. I have been really busy and the day ends with a wave. I write articles, design for a company and my internship is there too. All in a day’s work. I need some time management tips.


I wake up at 5 AM, come back after jogging for an hour or so. Take bath, dress up and get to work. My work with Divaswapna is going great. There are only two interns and we have to do everything. Yes, we I manage the content development, design brochures and cards for the company and also some administrative processes. A whole lot of experience. The cloudy weather gave some relief to the heat. Good. 🙂

One thing that is pestering is during the night, insects fly to the room driven by the light. Mostly crickets and they hop around. Yester night, one jumped up to my bed, I was terrified. They look scary. Black. 😐